Rowing Blazers

Monday, October 6, 2014

Each fall I have the opportunity to take an early look at new coffee table books released by Vendome Press.  Every year I snag a one or two jewels to add to my collection and this year was no different. I've always been intrigued by the sport of rowing so you can imagine my excitement when Rowing Blazers was among the new selections for my review.  Jack Carlson, author of Rowing Blazers, has represented the US at World Rowing Championships and has raced for Oxford in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Races.   His book offers an in depth look into the blazers worn by rowing teams around the world.  I've thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the trimmings, badges, elite athletes, and rituals behind the sport.  The photography by F.E. Castleberry transported me to boathouses, team rooms, and clubs all over the world.  And of course my inner prep loved it!

Let's take a look.

St. Joseph's Preparatory School

Sydney University Boat Club

Taurus Boat Club

D.S.R.V. "Laga"

Princeton University

Jason Read, U.S. Olympics 2008

University of Johannesburg Rowing Club

University of London Boat Club

Wallingford Rowing Club

Cambridge University Boat Club

1829 Boat Club

Auriol Kensington Rowing Club

Dartmouth Rowing Club

Harvard University Boat Club

Harvard University Boat Club

Kent School Boat Club

There are so many more images that capture the "in the moment" emotion of teams and behind the scenes celebrations.  If you're like me, intrigued by the sport of rowing and the traditions behind it, I urge you to look into Rowing Blazers.


  1. My youngest son is a rower so I smiled when I saw this post. Last year his boat went to Nationals and they won first place in their novice division. It's a great sport and boy--these guys and gals are in the best shape. thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you for sharing Leslie! Our son is a swimmer and a couple of his friends have made the move to rowing. So I believe the part about being in the best shape. You would love the book and/or it would make a really great gift for your son!!!

  2. Love this Rene! Old school tradition. Madeline rowed for Bucknell last year....wish she would have gotten a blazer instead of a Patagonia!

    1. As much as I love a Patagonia, I would take a rowing blazer any day! You and Madeline would really enjoy this book Annie.

  3. So glad I kept an old blazer that is a dead ringer for a Rowing blazer. I love sports that nod to the prep. What great images.


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