A Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last night we celebrated Mom's 70th birthday and I thought it would be fun to share the menu with ya'll. Before I go further, Mom is the reason I love gardening and decorating.  I shadowed her for 17 years and learned and am still learning from her.  Mom and I also share a love of Ina Garten's recipes.  I mean who doesn't?

I'll share the details of this arrangement in another post, but all of the cuttings came from our yard and I was happy with how it turned out.

The Menu:

Baked Potato
Ribeye Steak Topped With Blue Cheese

I served the fresh corn salad on a bed of baby kale.  This might be my new favorite corn salad.

My apologies to my vegetarian friends!  As a side note, I found sliced blue cheese at Costco and oh my!

This is so much better than your every day strawberry short cake.  The cake itself has a delicious flavor and the texture is more substantial than pound cake (which I also love).  Note:  the recipe makes two cakes and you only need one cut in half to make the cake pictured above.  I froze the extra cake to have another time. Oh darn.

Happy birthday Mom!


  1. aaaaw, how sweet! happy birthday to your mom! :)

  2. Rene, so pretty!! I love it all (your flower arrangement and menu) and your mother looks fabulous at 70! What's her secret? Happy Birthday!

  3. I love Ina, too. A great steak dinner is always a celebration. Your mother looks wonderful!

  4. What a perfect celebration ~ family and good food at a pretty table! She's beautiful, and obviously an inspiration!

  5. What a beautiful evening - you are a great host and a great daughter!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Delis menu! My Favorite Foods! I'm hosting a 70th Birthday event this Saturday for my Babe!

  7. Such a lovely birthday treat for your mother, who looks very hip and stylish, by the way! Please tell her I send wishes for a happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Rene's mom! Your flower arrangement is gorgeous Rene and your menu makes my mouth water. What a special way to ring in her 70th birthday. A beautiful celebration. You and your mom are classy elegant women.

  9. This is absolutely perfect! I'm looking forward to this birthday party for sure and your mother looks fabulous at 70! What's her secret? Happy Birthday!
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  10. Everything looked amazing! I love hearing how much of an inspiration your Mom is to your gardening and decorating... she obviously has a great eye!


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