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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi sweet friends!  How's your Monday going?  I had full intentions of having my post up early, but when a teenager asks you to lunch and to shop for backpacks, you do that.  I've had the best day, just taking the time to be in the present and am thankful that I can be.

My mind is still drifting toward outdoor spaces, but truth be told, I spent about ten minutes outside this afternoon and counted at least 10 mosquitoes on my legs at once.  Yuck!  Have any of you tried mosquito services?  I have local friends who have had success with the monthly service. Thoughts?

Anyway, back to pretty outdoor spaces.  Do you love darling little playhouses as much as I do?  I like ones that are simply for hanging out and I also love charming, but functional potting/tools sheds.  Today I'm sharing playhouses for lounging.  Some of them even pass a guest houses.  I've been pinning a few favorites in hopes that one day Mr. and our youngest will build a little something in our backyard.  Our youngest son is much like his grandpa in that he can make anything.  Origami master at age 4 - yes!

The first image above is mine and my family's favorite!  The fact that it has no visible doors is actually a plus. Secondly, I love the structures with double doors that when swung open maximize the outdoor experience (minus the mosquitoes of course).  The very last image is made from architectural salvage which I find very interesting.  I'm also curious about having a tiny house delivered.  Have any of you tried this?

Images:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


  1. I daydream of having one someday, too. Love.

  2. I ams not certain that I wouldn't love a house this size! SO cute.

  3. Image #4 is my fav but the link takes me to Flickr. By chance do you have the actual link? Thank You :)

    1. Nevermind Rene - I tried it again and it worked! Thank You

  4. Oh my! The first one had me at hello. Let us know if you buy the pre-fab kind. I would love to have one in the back yard as a studio/guest space.

  5. I love that white greenhouse with the brick floor that doubles as an outdoor party/dining space. What a great idea! Put shelves along all the walls for the plants and keep the middle open for tables and seating. BTW, I have been using the Osmocote you suggested for my pots and you should see them -- my plants look so big and robust, I fear they'll break out of the pot and run away! Thanks for the suggestion.


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