A Few Cottage and Vine Garden Updates

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I thought it might be fun to share how the garden is growing this summer.  Each spring I plant the window boxes and urns on the front porch with annuals, but keep the rest of the front yard simple with only evergreens and trees.  It's no secret that I'm a big fan of green and white gardens and our front yard sticks to that color scheme.

You might remember last summer when we (meaning Mr.) added the DIY ivy espalier.  Well, I'm happy to report that the vines finally crossed!  I love the graphic punch it gives this little garden!

In other news, our peace rose died last year.  I've been trying to decide what to plant here. Because it is in our patio/deck area I would prefer that it not have thorns which eliminates roses.  I really like confederate jasmine and will hopefully plant one this fall.  In the mean time, we decided to plant a mandevilla which is an annual where we live and it has taken off.  You can read about this DIY trellis here.

The purple wave petunia on our back door step has been happy!

We have been enjoying our tomatoes this summer, but have decided that caprese salad just tastes better in Italy.  I spy a little peck in one of the tomatoes!

We planted several varieties of peppers this year and while they were slow to start, they are thriving now.

The zucchini is finally starting to grow too.

Last, but not least, the little herb tower has been there time and again when a recipe calls for a fresh herb or two.


  1. I'd forgotten about your ivy espalier, it looks fantastic! I always love your great herb tower, too! Enjoy all the pretty fruits of your labor!

  2. I love your home its so classic and the garden looks great!

  3. Such a beautiful garden! I love the predominance of green; it makes the splashes of color feel more exciting. Because we moved last December and got married this summer, we didn't plant any vegetables and I'm really missing my homegrown tomatoes!

  4. Beautiful photos of your plants and I LOVE that espalier. Your home is gorgeous! xo Nancy

  5. That ivy espalier is amazing - really love it! I'm glad to hear that your peppers started out slow but are doing well now - mine haven't done much yet this year but maybe there's still hope!

  6. My Mandevilla just didn't make it for more than about a month: I have no idea why, the leaves just started falling off! But my jasmine is thriving as are the zinnias. My morning ritual now is to walk "the property" and dead head like crazy!

  7. My backyard area is looking a little parched about now! Some of my planters did well...others did not! I think I need to pay a little more attention [next year] to what I am planting! Your back yard looks fresh and wonderful!

  8. Check out Madison Star Jasmine (versus Confederate)-a local nursery recommended it as it's especially the same thing but does better in the cold winter months. Is that Asiatic Jasmine in your front urns? Love the "wiriness" of it!

    1. Thanks so much Dina! Maybe that explains why confederate jasmine dies after a year or so. Angel wire vine is in the urns. I've been told in winters well.


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