Inspiration for a Tennis Club House

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Early last spring I was contacted by a local tennis club to provide decor advice for the club house.  While my work experience has never involved club houses, I thought I would give it a whirl.  The clubhouse had not been updated since the 80's (?) and was in desperate need of immediate changes.  Between the clay courts and the wet swimmers, you can just imagine how grimy the old carpet had become.

Here is the design board I created for the space.  My initial thought was to replace the carpet with either slate or wood tile in an interesting pattern.  I also liked the idea of adding white plank walls for interest and texture.  Ceiling fans were on the wish list for the space so I sourced a pair with a more modern feel along with track lighting.  Also, there was a set of outdoor furniture that needed new cushions so I sourced new cushions in neutrals and shades of aqua.  I don't think the budget really allowed for all of the changes (darnit), but really love this overall look and hope that over time some of these changes will be incorporated.

A few inspiration images for your viewing pleasure...

images:  1, 2, 3(?), 4(?)


  1. Beautiful, Rene! Man, if our tennis club looked like this, I'd want to move in!! So cool that they reached out to you.

  2. Gorgeous images! I think that would be such a fun project to design. You have definitely captured an elegant clubhouse feel here. :)

  3. Love how simple the herringbone slate floors are but with so much impact! Of course all of the other ideas are perfect....just my style!


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