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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hello loves and happy Friday!  This morning I awoke to the birds singing and a fresh breeze coming in through the window.  I love the nip in the air on a spring morning followed by a warm sunny day.  And how about those flowers? spring!

It's time for Friday links - this week I'm loving...

1.  This kitchen makeover

2.  Outdoor shower anyone?

3.  This lovely tablescape and lobster roll recipe

4.  Thinking about becoming a vendor at an antique fair?

5.  Ways your fridge can help you lose weight

6.  This new screen saver makes me smile when I turn my computer on.

7.  A DIY vanity tray

8.  May day baskets

9.  Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment

10.  An easy way to polish silver

Have a great weekend!


  1. i loved that last glam apartment as well! happy weekend!

  2. Thank you Rene for including my May Day baskets in your Friday Link Love!

  3. I'm so bummed, May Day whizzed right by me. :( I love to give fun unexpected little gifts. And that!


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