A Well Planned Kitchen Renovation

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I stumbled upon this lovely kitchen renovation a while back and have studied it over and over.  Aside from its beauty, I'm in awe of details that make this kitchen functional and practical.  The built-in microwave, pull out spice cabinet, built in wine chiller, open ledges below the cabinets, and laundry space make this kitchen perfect in my book.  Not to mention the seating area, desk space, and doggie zone.  I think I could make this work!  To read more of the details of this renovation, go here.


  1. I agree - amazing kitchen! Thanks for sharing...this is great inspiration!

  2. Simply beautiful! I knew the minute I saw this kitchen that it was designed and build by the very talented Ili Nilsson of Terra Cotta. She and her team do a fabulous job at anything they undertake.

  3. Certainly looks perfect ! I wonder....when can we move in? We have a Basset Hound , Frank, I wonder if there is a dog bed built into the lower cabinet somewhere , or a least a food / water station. Regardless we'll take it !

  4. I love white kitchens, it always look classy!
    Loved the Banquette/drawers. Great article.
    Cheers :)

  5. Love this! I just pinned the heck out of it!


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