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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Raise your hand if you're ready for spring.  Now raise your hand if you're tired of everything in your closet. Ha!  I'm just a wee bit tired of my closet at the moment.  It is difficult to know how to dress each day.  We go from ice storms to 70 degree days within a 24 hour span where I live.  Layers seem to work the best for now, but I'm looking so forward to days when I can slip into a pretty dress and know that I can wear it all day, feeling good.  Boden is one of my favorite catalogs!  The silhouettes, fabrics, and colors are current while most pieces have a certain timelessness about them.  Know what I mean?

Here are just a few of my new favorites...

I love maxi dresses in the spring and fall, but feel a little too hot in them in the dead of summer. Would love to see this striped maxi topped by a denim jacket (like this one) on cooler days.  

Ever since I saw American Hustle I've been dying to add a wrap dress to my wardrobe (although I'll definitely avoid the plunging neckline worn by Amy Adams, yikes)!  When I was a little girl, Mom wore the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and I always thought she looked glamorous and classic.  This silhouette flatters most body types!

Is there anything more feminine than a form fitting pencil skirt?  This one comes in several different color/fabric options including a fun stripe.

I also love an a-line skirt for adding a little curve.  It is hard to see from this image, but the embroidery detail is really quite lovely.  Also available in several colors - the pink diamond is really pretty!

Each year I look for a multi-purpose cover-up that I can also zip into the grocery store wearing (without being too revealing).  This one is perfect!

I love a light sweater in the spring.  This one has 3/4 sleeves and a pretty neckline.  A great basic for sure.

This is also a fun sweater with a little more personality.  

I love to find a jersey shirt styled in a traditional woven silhouette!  It has all the comfort of a t-shirt with the structure and slight formality of a woven shirt.  Perfect for the casual spring/summer season.


  1. Love the jersery maxi and the kaftan! I love Boden and they have the best customer service!

  2. I love every single one of these looks. I pretty much drool over the boden catalog when it comes in. All that "machine washable" cuteness. Do you own anything from them? I've seen and washed the kids clothes plenty to know I love the quality but I'm curious about the fit of the grownup clothes. Are they dowdy in person or as cute in real life?

    1. I have purchased several things from Boden over the years. A silk cami trimmed in velvet that has been laundered over and over and still looks great. I also have a sweater from several years back, along with some other newer pieces. The thing I love about Boden other than quality is that the styles look new and fresh, but never too trendy. I think some of the clothes would look dowdy on me, but I've also figured out what I can and can't wear for my body type. That makes the biggest difference! Oh, I also love their darling shoes :).

  3. I have never shopped Boden...but love the items you selected! I just filled my suitcase with spring wardrobe as I head off to Palm Springs today...striped maxi - check, light sweaters - check, cute cover up - check...bon voyage!

    1. Oh have the best time Laura! Palm Springs is one of my favorite places!

  4. I am swinging my whole wardrobe from blacks and greys to navy and taupe due to the gift of a gorgeous Gucci scarf. You've given me lots of ideas. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  5. Love the Boden Catalog! Their summer dresses are fantastic and I'm loving their prints for skirts.


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