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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello and happy Friday!  Today is extra special.  Want to know why?  It was 27 years ago today that I met a boy who changed my life.  We dated five years, married, and five years later started our family.  It hasn't always been easy (as you married folks know), but it has always been worth it. Rest assured we will be celebrating today.

Now for the links...

2.  This pretty front porch (image?)

3.  LOFT is having a friends & family sale now through March 30.  Get 40% off your entire purchase by entering FRIENDS2 at checkout.  Love this jeweled sweatshirt!

5.  Bacon-cheddar cauliflower chowder (made this for dinner last night, yums)

7.  Chocolate peanut pretzel bars (I made them, they're great)

10.  I'm really enjoying this series - Still dating 

Enjoy your weekend!  XO


  1. Congrats to you and your man! Champs are in order for sure :)

  2. Um, those chocolate pretzel bars look amazing! Yum! And Happy Anniversary.

  3. Happy day you met the love of your life! A special day indeed!

  4. You and your hubby have been together a long time! So wonderful Rene and indeed a celebration is in order! Hope you two have a fun weekend. I must be hungry because that soup and those pretzel bars are making my mouth water.

  5. Aww! You and your husband are a true testament for the love, commitment and work it takes to sustain a happy marriage. I hope you're doing something fun!

    Definitely will be checking out the blog resources link--thanks for that!

  6. Happy celebrating, Rene! Party on :)

    (and congrats!)

  7. Congratulations to you both! In the days of "uncoupling" - it's really heartwarming to see many couples hanging in there for the long haul. Hard work pays off for the future but laziness pays off now. Have a lazy weekend.
    sorry to read on fb about your house getting egged. ew.

  8. Happy anniversary! 27 years is quit the accomplishment.

  9. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! That chowder looks deeeelicious. :-)


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