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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday loves!  I've had such a great week - hope you have too.  After being away last weekend, I'm looking forward to a weekend at home.  Hoping to maybe paint that room I've been talking about.  Speaking of that, we found out last week that our freshman will be playing varsity lacrosse.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I know he's honored.  One thing is certain, Mr. and I will be there to support him along the way and the first game is tonight.  Go Whirlies!  I also want to get out and do a little yard work.  Our poor little garden doesn't look like much at the moment.  Honestly, it's hard to believe it will actually be green again.  There's hope though. Our crocuses bloomed last week and the hellebores too.  I've seen blooms on trees around town telling me that spring really is around the corner.  Hang in there.

Now for Friday link love...

1.  This series has been fun (and affirming) to follow this week.

2.  The new Domino is out and I've heard it's really good this time.

3.  I'm amazed by all the details in this bathroom makeover.

4.  Tradition with a twist.

5.  This was the most popular pin this week.  I could not agree more.

Thanks so much for stopping by this week!  Your support means so much!  Have a great weekend everybody!  XO

First image:  BHG

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  1. I LOVE the 6th Street Design room makeover! It's perfect in every way! Thanks for the great links! Good luck with your Lacrosse season, such a great honor as a freshman!! Have a great weekend!

  2. That quote is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations to your freshman! My freshman has lacrosse tryouts beginning on Monday!

    I don't envy you painting this weekend - it's my least fav!

    Crocus are blooming in the PNW too!

    I love that Pinterest quote!!

    xo~ {go Whirlies! - love that team name btw!}

  4. Congrats to your freshman!! My dad and all his siblings are Whirlies :). Love the tradition with a twist living room! And the quote is perfect (and goes right along with the real food movement). Have a great weekend!!

    1. Oh how fun that you have Whirlies in your family! If you ever have the chance to go! It is and amazing old school.

  5. enjoy the weekend. love that first image.....
    we still have snow on the ground here.

  6. Congratulations to your son Rene! Go Whirlies tonight!! I'm looking forward to spending some time browsing through the new Domino. Great quote. Love that. Enjoy your weekend!


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