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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I've been trying real hard to pretty up our home for Christmas.  I know I planned to do this much sooner, but well, you know how it goes.  Better late than never.  As tradition would have it at our house, we bought our first tub of Toll House cookie dough and so the house smells like cookies all the time.  We do cook real food from recipes, but not until school is out and the schedule settles.  Moms & Dads, Toll House cookies are your friend.  So anyway, grab a cookie and some hot cocoa and relax while I walk you through our little Christmas cottage.

I really like to keep Christmas decor simple with a tree, a few evergreens in the rooms where we spend the most time, a few extra candles, and a wreath on the front door. 

The black table (above) acts as our entry table.  Our yard has plenty of evergreens, so I usually grab my pruners and start clipping.

I found these metal baskets at Rejuventation and change them out with the seasons.  They fit perfectly under the entry table - I even love them empty!

I shared a peek of the lanterns last week on instagram.

I'm crazy for this black and white ribbon that I mentioned here.

The lanterns have been here almost a year - thanks to my friends at Kirklands.  (I even used them in the Homestretch Home - great buy!)

I used cypress and pine cones on the mantel.  Cypress is a great evergreen to use for the holidays.  It holds its color and works in so many places.  The pine cones are ones we have collected over the years on walks both here and in the mountains.  I smile every time I pull them out to decorate.

The only artificial greenery we used this year is this garland.  It's pretty convincing though!

We took the path of least resistance this year and put the tree in the dining room.  I do enjoy seeing it from the living room while we all flop on the couch at night.

We keep our kitchen pretty simple year round because it is the busiest room in the house.

I brought in a few brass candlesticks and added cypress to the dough bowl.  Done!

I pull out our Christmas mugs every year for morning coffee and hot cocoa.  The boys have come to expect that.  I do love that they ask for certain things each year.  Traditions are so important!

Our card hanger fills up in December.  I love seeing the faces every single time I walk by.  We keep them up until the next family birthday which is in February.

There you have it!  I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  For more tours, go here.


  1. I love love the mantle! So pretty!


  2. Pretty, Rene. Your tree is gorgeous! I always love seeing your home!

  3. I love how simple yet festive your Christmas decorating is, Rene! Your home looks so pretty, enjoy it with your favorites peeps!

  4. My kind of holiday decorating, simple and natural! All of your little vignettes are lovely and your home feels festive. BTW we do Toll House in a tub always, for the very reasons you mentioned! Happy holidays to you and yours Rene!

  5. Simple and natural...just my style! Your home looks festive, warm, and ready to enjoy some hot cocoa with the family...enjoy!

  6. Such a beautiful home, Rene. I love the touches of green throughout and those wire baskets are awesome. We are all about the Toll House cookies. Poor little R wants to bake real cookies, Aint nobody got time for that ;)

  7. Your home looks beautiful Rene. I'm with you on traditions. So important and I treasure those we share in our family. Love your Christmas mugs and your set up for coffee and hot cocoa. I picked up the big tub of Toll House cookies yesterday. We're simplifying this year and such a big help that tub is!

  8. It is so refreshing to see your simple yet lovely decorations. I really find it tiring to see the over the top decorating that happens at Christmas. Really nice.
    Your tree takes centre stage as it should !! :)

  9. Where did you find your real looking garland?

    1. Cindy, I found it at Costco several years ago. Not sure if they still carry it or not.


  10. So pretty, Rene ~ just what I'd expect, beautifully classic and natural! I love your less is more look and the simple mantel! Enjoy!

  11. Love all the greenery... and keeping it simple! Lovely..

  12. I absolutely love you home. Warm, relaxing, and charming. Thanks for the photos, I love peeking into real life homes.


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