My Wreath is Up!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I apologize for my inconsistent postings as of late.  As you all know December comes with a loaded schedule - one that keeps us running in several directions at once.  For the next few weeks, you can expect things on this little blog to slow down quite a bit while I wrap up work related business and focus my attention on family.  Thank you for understanding!  If you are like me, you probably don't have much time for blog reading anyway.

While I am finishing up the last of 2013 design projects, I am trying to squeeze in a few Christmas decorations here and there.  We may not bring all of the boxes down from the attic, but we will have a wreath, a tree, and a few other touches throughout the house.  I was planning to post an entire tour, but decided trickling my updates to you might be more doable.  So when I have something worth sharing, I will.  Deal?  In the mean time, I will be working diligently while my holiday helper is busy keeping things in order.  Because you know what a mess Christmas decorating can be!

Early this morning I slipped outside, still in my jammies, and clipped some boxwood to make a wreath for the front door.  it was misty and dark outside which is much better than freezing cold like in years past. Luckily I had the wreath form from previous years and the ribbon was left over from what I used on last year's goodies boxes for the neighbors.

By the way, I don't believe I ever shared these anywhere other than instagram.  The ribbon came from the etsy store Frog Goes to Market and I cannot say enough great things about it!  So this year I will be adding it to all the greenery for Christmas.  In case you are wondering about the gift tags, they were easy enough to make too!

That's all for now.  Please stop by Friday for the link love post.  XO


  1. Love the wreath and the ribbon!

  2. Nobody does simple and classic better than you! I was out in my jammies taking pictures this morning and it was freeeeezing!!!

  3. You make the prettiest wreaths Rene! I love your door knocker too.

  4. LOve! So with you on the work of finishing client projects and carving out precious time with our growing babes!

    I would love to 'chat' with you in the new year - about all things design biz....


  5. I am so glad you posted where the ribbon was from - its so pretty! I love the wreath! The green is so fresh!

  6. Love the wreath girl:) Nothing beats boxwood:)

  7. You MADE that gorgeous boxwood wreath? Hats off to you. I bought mine and I thought that was hard enough! ;)


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