Final Projects of 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wow!  This year has been a generous one!  I'm so thankful for the many opportunities that have come my way and am especially thankful for the people who trust me enough to ask for my assistance in their homes.  Last week I finished the last of three design plans for a local client.  They liked the plans and are excited to start making the changes I recommended.

First is the dining/living room plan.

The room is a soft shade of sage which will remain.  There is also a colorful Turkish rug under the dining table.  So, I wanted to keep the furnishings more neutral.

Next is the family room plan.

This room holds a huge brown sectional and lots of dark furniture.  I wanted to lighten this room with lighter furniture and colorful accessories.

And finally, the guest bathroom.

This bathroom has a vanity in an orangey/brown finish that can easily be updated with a fresh coat of charcoal paint.  The walls will be a creamy white and fresh chrome accessories will give the room the classic finishing details it needs.

Out of respect for my clients, I do not share sources for client projects.  Thank you for understanding.  


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