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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments regarding last week's adventure!  You all are the best!  Hopefully you will still visit here after you see the show.  Yikes!  So what's on your agenda this weekend?  Mr. and I will be timing it up at a swim meet all weekend and cheering for our swimmer.  Hope you have time to do the things you love!

Sorry I didn't post Friday Link Love last week.  After being fully submerged in Christmas decor last week, I'm ready to start decorating.  My friends on instagram are already ahead of me so I'd better get crackin'. Link Love is all about the holidays this week.  Enjoy!

1.  Green and white will forever be my favorite Christmas color story.

2.  I'm a big fan of making gift tags and these are on my radar.

3.  I'm also a big fan of anything boxwood.  Even though I make my own wreaths each year, it is very tempting to order one instead.

4.  I'll be revising my Christmas play list this year.

5.  Simplicity is beautiful - especially at Christmas!

6.  I've tried bleaching pine cones, but they never turned out this good!

7.  Speaking of pine cones, I'm considering adding a little sparkle to my pine cone wreath.

8.  Brilliant!  That is all.  #whydidntithinkofthat

9.  Not sure the origin of this image, but love the natural elements...and of course green & white.

10.  A party in a box might come in handy.

Have a great weekend loves!  XO


  1. Oooooh, I'm fighting the urge to start buying holiday items (after all, I'm trying to savor November!). But this post has me chomping at the bit to get started!

  2. Dont you just love that Party in a box from West Elm!!!
    Great post!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Karolyn

  3. How can it be that I'm feeling behind on Christmas decorating and it's only Nov 15th!! #pressureofbeingablogger :)

  4. I am just about to go down and pull out all my Christmas boxes and this is definitely getting me in the mood! This year I am purging big time and can't wait for a fresh start. That boxwood wreath is so lovely…..and the gorgeous ribbon on the first wreath! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is all so beautiful!! I LOVE that Christmas playlist!! And white and green is such a beautiful combo (I'd use it all winter long).


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