Looking Back at September...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In case you are new to the blog or missed a few posts, I'm going to hit the highlights today.  I love it when other bloggers do this because inevitably, I always miss a great post or two.  I'm always a little surprised by which posts are most popular here at C&V.

The most popular post in September was Around My House.  Maybe I should post more of these? The second most popular post was a tear jerker which lead to additional tears on instagram along with some finger pointing.  It was all in good fun of course ;).  I love my blogging friends!

In September I managed to do a few teeny tiny projects at home.  One was recovering Dad's stool with fabric I made.

I was also the proud recipient of and original Hillary Butler painting.  Love her work!

My fashion posts like this one and this one have been surprisingly popular too so I plan to keep those coming your way weekly.  I guess all those years of studying clothing and textiles and working in the fashion industry are still in my blood.

I also shared client inspiration for a banquette in this new house.  We scored an old table yesterday which will be reworked and painted to fit the space.  I cannot wait to this space completed!

I hope you come back tomorrow for a fun announcement and a new project (at my house).  Have a great day!

P.S.  Thank you for all of the sweet comments yesterday!  Parker had a great birthday and the celebration continues today.  Our fingers are crossed that he gets his permit.  


  1. So glad you did this today. I had missed the letting go post. Whew, I must say that was a tear jerker. I sure wish we could keep them young for a lot longer. Thanks, Rene.

  2. oh I wish I had the legs to wear those adorable shorts!!!
    Love the past posts!

  3. Love this wrap up. I have been super behind so this is great. And I love the birthday tribute to Parker. So sweet {such great photos, too!}

  4. So fun to see your re-cap of posts! Fingers crossed that Parker received his permit today? Yes, keep your fashion posts coming.....always love those, as well as all of your other posts. You are so talented Rene.


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