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Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday friends!  I apologize for my absence this week.  It was a week of deadlines so I've had to focus my energy elsewhere.  So what's on your agenda this weekend?  Hopefully I can carve out a little time to do some painting and decision making in the ORC department.  It is also homecoming weekend so fun times are in the plan!  Hope you have a great weekend!  Enjoy the Friday links!

1.  I feel in love with this beautiful bedroom on the new online magazine Peachy.

2.  Seeing pictures of Ashley Putnam's home is always a treat.

3.  This yummy fall cake is on my list of things to make this weekend.

4.  If you think neutral is boring, you might want to see this pretty home tour.

5.  This was by far my most popular pin last week.  It was supposedly written in 1959 yet still sounds like pretty good advice, hmmm.


  1. Loving the Words for Teenagers. Now I'm off to check out the neutral home tour.....

  2. Words for teenagers - very appropriate! Love it. Wish every parent would share this advice with their teen. Most young people today are spoiled, I'm afraid.

  3. That cake looks amazing and perfect for fall!

  4. Amen to those words for teenagers! Love that.

    Have a fun homecoming weekend...those are so much fun!

  5. Lovely images, I especially love the words of wisdom for teenagers!
    Have a great weekend,Karolyn

  6. Great links, I printed the article for my soon to be teen who thinks homework is for other kids. I love your style and it is always a pleasure to visit. Alaina


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