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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey everybody!  Since I missed Friday links last week, I'm gonna double your pleasure this week! Here are some links worth checking out...

1.  This living room reveal is seriously perfect!

2.  Fall clean-up is about to happen in our yard this weekend and I will definitely be enjoying my new favorite drink!

3.  This entry way proves that a lot of style can go into a tiny space.

4.  This might be the cutest snack I've ever seen!

5.  You might enjoy this designer's portfolio.

6.  How darling is this free download featuring autumn essentials?

7.  Have you ever wanted to print onto post-it notes?  Here's how.

8.  Achieving a glossy finish just got easier.

9.  This might just be my new favorite kitchen.

10.  I've been going through old files looking for client inspiration and stumbled upon this dining room belonging to Sally Wheat (2009).  The painted breakfront has me thinking.

Thanks to  Deer Park® Brand Nature's Blends™ Fruit Flavored Beverages for sponsoring today's post.


  1. Wow René, what a great post. I love Wick Design, fabulous. I am just about to paint our night tables and love the idea of a high gloss finish. LOVE, love the kitchen.
    Geez René, I may be lurking around this post for awhile!! Thanks.

  2. Just enjoying my first cup of coffee and enjoying the inspirational photos. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous eye candy this morning! Xo

  4. Thanks Rene! I'm THRILLED to have my living room featured on your blog--especially alongside such great inspiration. That kitchen. OMG.

  5. What a great list!! Love them all! The illustration is adorable and can't wait to sit down and view the portfolio more! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looking forward to checking out all of these beautiful links this weekend! Happy weekend Rene!

  7. That's a lot of great stuff on a Friday. Have a great weekend Rene!!

  8. Carrie's living room was a highlight of the week, for sure.

  9. Holy cow Rene...that first picture stopped me in my tracks. What a great looking living room. Going over to check it out. Thanks for the great links!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Thank you for including my project with all of these fabulous links! What an honor...such incredible inspiration! ;)

  11. I loved seeing Wick Designs portfolio! Thank you for the introduction! Have a great week!
    xo Nancy


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