Client Inspiration: The Playroom

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thanks so much for the sweet comments Monday!  It feels good to hear from others who have gone/are going through the same thing and even ones who aren't.  As they say, misery loves company.  After my cry-fest, I came down with a horrible sore throat which became an awful cold. My energy level is low and I would love to skip today, but the show must go on.  Take your vitamins folks.  Wash your hands.  Use hand sanitizer.  You're welcome ;).

Today I'm sharing playroom inspiration for an ongoing client project.  We basically are going through each room and making minor as well as major changes.  You can read about them here. The upstairs bonus room which was the office is now being used as a playroom.  Some of the major pieces are in place, but the room still needs a few details such as an art table and chairs, a few accessories, a tv, lighting, and just little details that make the room a fun place to hang out. My client wants the room to be "edgy".  I would show you a before picture, but I'd better not.  We want this room to be a gender neutral place for legos, art projects, eventual sleep overs, etc.

The room is loosely divided into two sections.  One being an art area, where I would love to incorporate a chalk board wall.  We are on the hunt for a table and chairs and just might paint the breakfast room set and move it up to the playroom.  Nothing is off limits.  At first we considered the Stockholm rug, but the floors are blue and white tile so we decided to go with two neutral rugs to define the spaces and bring in black and white in other ways.

The second area would be the media area which includes a huge wall unit from Pottery Barn and a huge blue sectional that we moved from the family room.  While blue would not be my first choice, I think the playroom is probably the best place for it.  I recently had an over-sized ottoman recovered in a black and white Moroccan outdoor fabric and we plan to use black and white striped pillows for the sectional.  

Immediate access to art supplies is a must and I love the idea of hanging a roll of butcher paper!


The good news is that there is an expedit in the art section of the room that will provide much needed storage.

A gallery wall of children's art would be a nice touch.

To be continued...


  1. Love the idea of an allover chalkboard wall!

  2. I've always wanted the land of nod art table with the legs you can change out as the kids grow. Love the inspiration here!

  3. love your ideas! can't wait to see the finished product!


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