A Snow Leopard Update

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If you have been reading Cottage and Vine a while, you might remember this post where I made a bulletin board inspired by a project shared on LGN.

Yesterday, Jenny posted another great bulletin board project which I'm sure you have already seen, but if not, you don't want to miss it.  How does she do it all?  Jenny's project reminded me that I had not shared my little update with you.  After I made the new DIY bulletin board which you can read all about here, I no longer needed this snow leopard version.  But, after spending the time to make the fabric, I definitely wanted to use it somewhere.

As it turns out, the fabric was the perfect size to cover one of the Chippendale stools my dad made.  You can read about the monogrammed box here.  

I really love how it adds a modern touch to a very traditional piece of furniture.  I think Dad would be proud.

I have another similar stool that I would like to update too and I'm thinking of sticking with a black & white fabric for that graphic punch and also for the ease of moving it from room to room.  Every room needs a little black and white right?


  1. Love the black & white. That's so wonderful that your Dad made those.

  2. oops - I was signed in as my husband!

  3. Great solution! Glad that pretty spotted fabric you made didn't have to go to waste.

  4. Yes! Every room needs crisp black and white! Your stool is adorable.

  5. That fabric is perfect on the stool. How lovely and special to have pieces of furniture that your dad made in your home!


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