The Family Command Center

Monday, August 12, 2013

With the back to school season quickly approaching, many of us are trying to get organized ahead of time.  I'm sure that most households across the country experience an influx of papers from school and new activities, etc.  I usually leave ours laying on the kitchen counter as a reminder to do something with them.  They may or may not lay there for months.  Does anyone else do this? This school year I really want to stay on top of things and it has me thinking about command centers.  I'm also helping a client with some garage/mudroom organization.  Maybe we shouldn't tell her about the stack of papers on the kitchen counter ;).

Several years ago Southern Living published this project of a DIY family command center.  It has always been a favorite of mine.

It looks like it would be easy enough to recreate.

The materials are all easy to find.

And the fun part is that you can trim it out any way you want to with pretty ribbon and upholstery tacks.

Do you have a command center in your home?  I would love to see it if you do - send a picture or leave a link to your blog.


  1. awesome.. especially when one has children !

  2. Pinning! I'm going to need this in a few years :-)

  3. We don't have one, but I just saw a pretty awesome one on a blog I regularly read. She has one of those cabinets on the end of her pantry cupboard.
    You can see her post here:

  4. Does the kitchen island count? :) Need one!

  5. I do need one! Our papers usually get put in a tray we keep on our kitchen counter. Does't always work real well.

  6. My little guy is off to kindergarten in a few weeks and I just started working on ours. A book bag shelf arrived today from The Land Of Nod!

  7. I do love the idea of this. I need one desparately!


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