In Good Company With The Company Store

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Company Store recently contacted me to help promote their new lineup of fall bedding.  More often than not, I turn these offers down unless it is a company that I really believe in.  Needless to say I was thrilled, because I'm a long time fan of The Company Store.  The quality products are always soft to the touch and the designs are simple making their selection a perfect fit for my family.  And by the way, cotton bedding is a must at our house!

The Company Store was generous enough to send me a set of sheets as well as a duvet cover and shams from the Company Organic Textura Percale Bedding collection.  The set was perfect for our son's room which is about to get a makeover.  As a matter of fact, the sheets might just be the jumping off point for color inspiration.

I'm not normally one to iron sheets, though I probably should have this time around.  I thought it best to keep it real.  However, I did wash them before using and they were instantly soft.

Rather than using the duvet cover and shams that were so generously given to me, I paired the sheets with another duvet that we already had.  Don't worry, I have other plans for the new duvet.

If I was planning to use the sheets in our master bedroom, I would stick with a neutral palette.  But when it comes to the kiddos, I like to introduce a little more color.

And so I've been playing around with different pillows on the bed.  Not that a 14 year old boy cares anything about that :) :) !  Stay tuned for more updates on this room.

To learn more about the new fall bedding lineup at The Company Store, go here.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. My 13 yo son doesn't care about anything either. I love them and you can see how soft they are. I would never iron sheets for the kids :).

  2. I would never iron sheets, period. Not for the Pope.
    And using all cotton sheets, it means ours go on the bed pretty wrinkly, but heck -- after one night the ironed ones are wrinkly, too.

    Nice sheets from The Company Store! Are they soft or crisp? I like the old-fashioned crisp percale sheets, and they are wicked hard to find.

    So, whatcha planning for the duvet cover?
    PS GROWN MEN don't care about pillows on a bed, either, except for the inconvenience of taking them off at night.

    1. I agree, sometimes I iron the pillow cases, but after one night they are wrinkled. These sheets are soft, but I imagine The Company Store has other "crispy" offerings.

  3. oooh LOVE it! and love the new blog look and photo!

  4. I love those sheets! And organic cotton - score!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the Company Store! I've bought blankets, pillows and a jute rug from TCS before and always been impressed with the quality. Your new sheets are no exception! Such a great print.

  6. Fun neutral pattern! I iron the pillow cases. :)

  7. I love the Company Store! I just ordered some sheets for my son's room recently. They have a great selection.

  8. Your son's bed looks cozy and the perfect amount of color. How cute are you fluffing the duvet! I remember coming home from school and my mom had her ironing board out and was ironing all of the sheets. I think I have only ironed sheets once!

  9. Yesterday my first purchase from The Company Store arrived - a new comforter! I plan to do a post on it once the weather gets cooler. Did you know The Company Store has an outlet store in Mebane?


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