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Monday, July 29, 2013

Summers are my favorite season to slow down and take it all in.  Which explains why I disappear from time to time without warning.  Lately I've been feeling reflective especially when it comes to our family and where we are in the big picture.  With a rising freshman and senior, you can probably see what I mean.  Our boys seem to be getting closer and closer to one another, now that they are older.  My husband and I catch them doing thoughtful things for one another and it feels our hearts.  I just want to savor those moments.  Who knows what next summer will be like with college on the horizon.  Honestly, blogging is the first thing to go when I'm busy with design work or when I need more family time.  Thanks for understanding my sporadic blogging lately.

In other news, you might remember my microwave dilemma which nearly called for an entire kitchen remodel :).  After careful consideration, we decided that at this point in our lives we will continue to go with a microwave over the range scenario.  I know - not sexy right?  I'll explain it all later this week, but for now I want to share some breakfast/coffee stations that have my wheels turning.

The microwave exercise has caused us to take a giant step back and look at how we actually use our kitchen.  While we have a great space for working, storage, etc, we think it can be spread around differently creating stations.  I really want things to be in place before school starts because we all know how mornings go.  (Trying hard not mention the "s" word around here.  You wouldn't believe the moaning that follows.)

My goal is to have a new coffee bar by the end of the week so stay tuned.

P.S.  A new giveaway starts tomorrow.  Hint:  vintage dresses.


  1. Good for you, Rene. Those boys are precious and these times are fleeting. Proud of you for taking more time. Excited about your coffee bar.

  2. So excited to see more pictures of your coffee bar. I want one so bad!

  3. Rene,
    My Father always told me that the years we have with our children are life's greatest reward.
    Take time to love them now and when they are at school too. Little notes, care packages and sweetness go a long way.
    Love to see your coffee set-up. I have one which I love and we have a microwave drawer which we love. Our kids love it too.

  4. If you haven't yet read it, I suggest The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison, whose own sons were at the same age/stage when they moved and built a new home. I loved it, and mine are still in elementary school. LOVE all these inspiration pics; can't wait to see yours!

  5. i would love to have an actual coffee bar! once i put in our open shelving i want to put the mugs right above the rest of my coffee-ish stuff. :)
    and yay i love vintage dresses!

  6. Loving all of these photos. Can't wait to see what you create :)

  7. Missed you, but totally get how busy your life is. I love your idea of a coffee bar! I have been thinking too, about an area where I have a built in desk that is used as a "throw everything on" station. Now you really have my wheels turning!

  8. I think that's exactly how it should be and shows your heart and priorities are in the right place! I've slowed down this summer too :)

  9. No 's' word allowed around here either! This morning a friend and I were just talking about how many more summers we have left with our boys at home :( glad you're enjoying the summer! My ugly coffee maker in the corner is looking sad after all that inspiration!

  10. I am right there with ya! Summer AND childhood are fleeting....we will never regret the time enjoying each!

  11. I love summer too - my oldest is about to head to kindergarten and I feel as if he's going off to college (I can't imagine how I will feel when that actually happens). I am soaking up every minute I can - and I'm glad you are too! I just started drinking coffee (non-starbucks drinks technically) this summer, so I'm intringued by this coffee bar idea!

  12. Love these coffee bar pics. I am hell-bent on getting a good quality espresso machine. I'm spending way too much money on lattes out each day. :) And don't they look pretty with all the other coffee bar stuff? Looking forward to seeing your new coffee bar space soon.

  13. Hi Rene,

    I completely understand where you're coming from. My girls turned 10 and 7 this summer and the time is passing by so quickly. I haven't blogged for most of the summer and it has been a huge blessing. They will be back in school next week and I'll be back to it, but this summer has given me a clarity that I haven't had in a long time. Enjoy the rest of your summer! I love the coffee bar idea!

  14. That's what summer is for so we understand! I have to have my morning coffee!

  15. Those are some lovely coffee bar ideas. I also couldn't help drooling over the state of the art espresso machines :D I do have an Illy machine but is one of the small ones... I know, don't complain, at least I can make my daily cappuccinos but I do covet one of the bigger more powerful models...:D
    I just discovered your blog and I will certainly be over for visits often!
    Beth P


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