Favorite Fitness Apps & New Sneakers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm big on recommendations.  So when a friend tells me about a favorite product or app, I'm likely to look into it to see if it is the right fit for me.  Beware the power of female influence.  Instagram is a great way to find about things other people like.  I find out about sales, new products, fabrics, etc.  It really has become a great source for me.  The other day I shared my favorite running app with my instafriends and was surprised to find how few knew about it.  So I thought maybe some of my readers would be interested.

Run Keeper is free and so easy to use.  Whether you walk, bike, or run, this is an easy way to track your progress.  I love that at the end of my runs I can see how many calories I burned, how many miles I ran, and my rate #snailspace.  I recently started a training program which gives me a month long plan to go by.  The program prompts me as I go.  Letting someone else do the thinking is sometimes nice.

The other thing I really like about this app is that I can link it with My Fitness Pal (also free), my favorite app for keeping my calories on track.  This may seem like a lot of caloric nonsense, but weight loss/maintenance really is a numbers game.  And now that I am armed with two great apps, I can clearly see where I get off track from time to time.

Since we are on the topic of running, for years I have worn Brooks or Asics.  Recently I decided to try something new and came home with a pair of Adidas Energy Boost.  My friend works at a local Sporting Goods store and she really helped me with my decision.  Again, influential friends. Anyway, these shoes are like running on air!  And they come in fun colors which is almost as important ;).


  1. I'm loving that pink color! I always need a good running shoe, thanks!

  2. I will need to check out those shoes. They sound like they fit the bill for what I have been searching for. Thanks for the recommendation Rene!


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