Revamp Your Kitchen With Home Depot

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lately Mr. and I have been dreaming of taking the granite and bead board back splash off and replacing it with white subway tile.  I believe it would really lighten up our little kitchen.  Also on our radar is refacing the cabinet doors.  Have you seen the Martha Stewart cabinets at Home Depot?  The shaker style is my favorite and quite budget friendly I might add.  Home Depot has lots of affordable ways to update your kitchen.  Hardware, counter tops, and cabinet resurfacing only scratch the surface.

Be sure to check out the video below and see why Home depot is my go-to place for Home Improvement.


  1. I just stopped in at Top This Top That, and she has the same thing going! (I should have contacted Home Depot to get in on the fun.) Our last house had a nasty old kitchen that we completely remodeled through Home Depot and it turned out fabulous! Then, of course, we had to move to the money pit from heck. What is it about these old southern homes that has us addicted?

  2. Hi Rene,

    I say go for it! Although, your cozy kitchen is adorable as is....

  3. Haven't seen the Martha Stewart cabinet line - but sounds promising!

  4. Yes, I love the Martha Stewart cabinets at Home Depot. They would look amazing in your kitchen! Congrats on the sponsored post. ;-)

  5. I love the look of subway tile. I say go for it! It will be beautiful.

  6. I did my aunts kitchen with Martha cabinets and they are fabulous!

  7. I love how at Home Depot you can return the tiles that you don't use...until many tile stores.

  8. I really luv subway tile, but I luv the look you have now.


  9. Our kitchen is going to need a major makeover at some point in the new house, so I'm gathering all of the ideas I can and creating a file (via Pinterest of course but I do have a hard copy file folder too of tear sheets). Will have to keep HD in mind.


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