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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The other day I stopped by one of my favorite local shops, Randy McManus Designs.  I hadn't been to the new location and was anxious to check it out.  The store offers floral design, gifts, decor, and more.  If you are ever in High Point for market it is worth the short 20 minute drive.  (Located close to Proximity & O'Henry hotels if that helps).

Over the years, this has become one of my favorite stores!  What's inside really hasn't changed that much, but it is the way everything is presented that keeps me coming back.

Kalanchoes all bundled up in little to-go baskets complete with handles and ribbon - who would've thought?

Blue and white will always rank high on my list - especially when you add white hyacinth.

I absolutely must make a terrarium terrariums!  I think the more the merrier.  The addition of driftwood is really nice too.

The attention to detail is what makes all the difference!  We should all purchase a few branches of pussy willow to prop our orchids.  So much prettier than the usual plastic stick.  A little bundle of Spanish moss secured with raffia is always better than the little chip clip, no?

How about a DIY project for your deck or patio?  Take a log, hollow it out, and fill with wax & wick.

So many great accessories too!

Mr. couldn't resist picking up a few hydrangeas.

If you are planning a wedding or just enjoy seeing pretty photos, you might want to visit Randy's blog.  It will not disappoint.


  1. That little "to go" flower basket is a perfect little gift!! Take care, Caroline

  2. oh boy... im a bit obsessed and i mean dog with a bone obsessed with those milky iridescent vases. i have a collection and need to ADD THESE STAT :) Thanks for the intro!


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