How to Use Clips to Create Pinch Pleats

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Most designers recommend custom drapery.  If it fits the budget, I say go for it.  However, if your budget requires you to pick your spots then do what you have to.  Not so long ago I shared a tutorial for adding a custom look to store bought panels.  Emily Henderson has a great post about low cost draperies, by the way.  You can find the link to it along with some other window treatment details on my window treatments pin board.

I love the look of pinch pleat curtains and often use clips instead of sewing.  It is really easy to fake it and looks much better than clipping the panels to the top of the curtains.

Not to insult your intelligence, but here is how I do it.  I'm sharing this because it took me a while to achieve a consistent pinch.

The fabric is gathered in the back and clipped.  I wanted a two finger pinch which requires three creases on the back and creates two creases on the front.

As far as spacing, I've tried to do the math and sometimes come up a little short at one end or the other.  So I just play with it until it looks right.

This way you do not see the clips at all only the rings.  If you want a fuller panel just use two panels on each side instead of one.


  1. Thank you for the details on this. I have tried and failed with the three on back part. I think I may try this in our bonus room.

  2. well snap, im gonna have to try this with my living room drapes, see if it makes a different

  3. I can never get this to look right. Would you come and do mine???

  4. This never occurred to me Rene - now I know what I'll be trying next time. I wonder if you could even use a little fabric glue too - have you ever tried that?

    1. I've only used fabric glue to apply fringe, etc. The clips are good for a less "permanent" solution. Let me know if you try it.

  5. I saw this done about 5 years ago at the mart and it was like an Ah Ha moment! Glad you showed everyone how to do it cause it would have been too hard for me:)


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