A Colorful Family Room Plan + A Pretty Girl's Room

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lately I've been up to my eyeballs in client work.  Please do not take this as complaining.  I am soooo thankful for each and every one of my wonderful clients.  Being able to do what I enjoy while working from home is truly a blessing.  Those of you who know what it is like to really enjoy your work know what I mean.  Several projects are in the works now and more often than not they do not happen overnight.  Many of my in-town clients are a steady progression where we study and search and repeat until we get it right.  Many of the projects begin with a mood board and others are simply an evolution.

I wanted to show you a few mood boards that are the starting point for a couple of projects in the works.

This mood board was done for a super sweet client in Texas.  As you can see, we are planning to bring in lots of color.  My client loves turquoise and coral as well as a good mix of patterns and textures.  She wanted a nice family room that is pretty yet still comfortable enough to enjoy the day with her toddler.  The plan is to paint the fireplace out and change the mantel.  I recommended one of my favorite grays for the wall color, Benjamin Moore - Gray Owl.  We are also adding toy storage with baskets, additional seating, a rug, lighting, and lots of pretty pillows.  I'm really excited to see where she goes from here!

This mood board was done for a darling seven year old here in town.  It has been an honor to work on several rooms for this family.  You can see one room in the works here.  Claire has outgrown pink and has a color crush turquoise.  She actually drew up a plan for her room along with a lego creation for inspiration.  Talk about a fun little girl!  We agreed that turquoise walls might be a bit much but that we could go lighter on the walls and bring a few pieces in the bolder color.  I presented the mood board to her and mother and daughter were on board with the plan.  It will be so fun to see the final room!


  1. Funn stuff Rene! You've got some great projects going on. Love that your little client has a vision all of her own.

  2. It must be something about the season, because my eyes go straight for the coral and blue in these rooms. Just beautiful!

  3. What a pretty board! Little girl's rooms are so fun to decorate!

  4. These boards so reflect your love of what you do Rene, both fabulous! You really know how to capture the essence of what your clients want. I can't wait to see these spaces when they are done and I know what you mean about how long it all takes sometimes!

  5. Great mood boards! I love your choices! Both rooms would be absolutely perfect in my house. :)

  6. So pretty ~ that girl's room is going to be darling! I'm helping with one right now, too and it is so much fun to have the chance to be frilly! :)

  7. You make such beautiful mood boards, Rene. I actually posted that same Aquamarine Chiang Mai dragon pillow today too….and that first board looks very similar to the direction I want to go with my living room. It's hard to have patience, but I'm sure your clients love having a vision of what is to come as a room evolves. I have to keep the long-term goal in mind.

    1. It takes a lot of patience doesn't it Lisa? Sometimes things change as you go when you are trying to make good "long term" decisions. PS that pillow is an old fave :).

  8. Thanks so much for the nice feedback everybody!


  9. Love all the details in the little girl's room. Great post.

  10. I love BOTH boards, Rene! The pillow on the board for the living room - the floral/bird print one -- where did you find that? I think its an etsy shop. I've seen that pillow many times in blogland and would love to purchase.


    Kim Lubs

  11. Man...you got those mood boards down.....Love them both. I need to practice more for real:)

  12. I love these plans! These are very lucky clients. The colors are so fun and warm. :) I love that rug in the living room plan. I also just used it for a client and want one myself! :)


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