DIY Wine Storage & a New Faucet

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey everybody!  It's kind of late in the day for me to be posting, but I had a chance and thought why not?!  If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen this little project come to life over the weekend.  I promised details, so here goes...

When we added on to our kitchen many years ago, we knew that these were not our forever cabinets, but were thrilled to have the extra space for now.  We have plans to one day replace the cabinet fronts with better doors, but until then we are making the most of what we have.  Does everyone see the space over in the corner in between the sink and corner cabinet?  Well, it happens to be the perfect size for wine bottles!

I cannot take any credit this project because Mr. did it all.  Actually, he was all over the place with home improvements last weekend!  Virtual high fives to everyone!  He pulled off the boards that were covering this spot to see what we were in for.

As luck would have it, they perfectly fit on the bottom.  And now we're off to Home Depot in search of shelving boards.

We found these which were the perfect size when cut in half - Home Depot did that part for us.  We only needed two boards so the total project only cost around $11!

I rely on graph paper before making any major decisions.  So I sketched out a plan for distancing the boards and Mr. cut a piece of wood to use to mark his pilot holes.  He drilled from inside the adjacent cabinets to attach the shelves.

Here you see it with the caulk - we just need to paint the little strip underneath the bottom shelf.  Actually, I might replace these pictures with better ones on a sunnier day.

Did anyone happen to notice the faucet?

Thanks so much for all of your recommendations!  We decided to go the industrial route and chose this one. So far so good!

P.S. I should probably take down the Christmas wreath ;).

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  1. Looks great Rene, the Mr. does nice work! What time is happy hour?!!!

  2. I still have my boxwood wreath hanging in the kitchen too :) The wine storage is great, brilliant way to use an otherwise useless nook!

  3. Great use of that space Rene...awesome that your husband is so handy. Love your new faucet...looks very chic! I think boxwood wreaths are great all the time!

  4. I agree with Karen, such a great use of space! Your wreath doesn't look Christmas-sy at all. I plan on keeping my boxwood wreath up all year.

  5. Great idea for wine space (a must have)! I like the faucet, too.

  6. Very convenient wine storage! :) Your new faucet is a beauty, amazing what those two simple changes did for your kitchen, very stylish!

  7. Rene- If it does not have a red bow it is a winter wreath, not a Christmas wreath! Keep it up, it looks wonderful!

    The shelves are brilliant - like a custom cabinetry solution that was carefully planned, but you got it with kismet!

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  8. What a great idea! I think the wreath looks real pretty hanging there:)

  9. Looks like you can squeeze two bottles in each cubby too which is great - looks nice. Virtual high fives!!

  10. I dream of putting new doors on our kitchen cabinets - want 2 doors with glass. I live in a small house and tuck in storage in any place I can. Your wine rack is giving me an idea for our kitchen.

  11. What a great solution Rene! And I love your faucet...


  12. That is awesome and what a great use of space. I love the boxwood. I have a small preserved one that I hung one Christmas and never took it down. Whoops.

  13. Yay for wine storage!! And for handy husbands :) It all looks great, and I'm crushing on your new faucet!

  14. looks awesome Rene. I want to make a wine cabinet in one of my cupboards, take off the door, do criss-cross boards.. Awesome faucet, too.
    xo Nancy

  15. It's all lovely. Would you mind sharing where you get your rug?


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