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Friday, February 22, 2013

I apologize for my absence this week!  I had a few moments to spend at the computer this morning and wanted to share the lovely home of Jayme Armour.  This is an oldie, but a goodie.  You know, good style is timeless, period. Loving the "mix" in every single image!

Thank you for the great feedback on the ORC project!  I was leaning toward leaving the bed as is and painting the chest of drawers.  But then my girl Melissa from Stuff Vintage offered to help me with painting the bed.  Now I'm psyched!  I have a vision, but no time to execute it.  Does anyone have advice on being two places at once?  If you do, please send it my way ;).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This may be a house tour that's been shared elsewhere, but it's new to me. I love it. Good luck working on the painting--help is a great thing, especially when you're overextended! :)

  2. I remember when her home was in BH&G. So cute and she has a cute home store also. Well...lucky you...getting help with that bed will be just what you need!

  3. Wow, how nice of Melissa to offer to help you paint...that's a true friend :)

    Such a coincidence but I was just googling Jayme Armour the other night to see if there were any new photos of her home...LOVE her...still have these tear sheets from BHG. Couldn't find anything new by the way.

    Here's the weird thing...love all of these rooms a lot, but breaking them down, I'm not particularly fond of most of the individual things in the rooms. What does that mean? It's all in the presentation? I don't know.

    Have a great weekend Rene!


  4. I loved all the pictures, but I especially loved those pillows in the last picture, those are so cool...I also love the front door, it is so charming..

  5. I am not familiar with her ... but love these spaces ... I want to take away so many things ... THank you!! xo

  6. One of my favorites, but haven't seen it on line (just have it on my pre-pinterest binder). Thanks so much for sharing and good luck painting the bed. I'll be painting this weekend too!!

  7. That home is so perfectly styled and charming! Thank you for sharing it. Good luck with your projects Rene. Wish I could come help you too. Just do what you can, it's not a contest! I hope it's not too stressful.xo

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with the bed! Love the home tour!
    Take care!

  9. Love the front door! A great mix of unique pieces. Glad to hear you decided to paint the bed! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  10. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Rene. I so remember Jamye's home. I love it. It is a great balance of vintage/classic & fresh/modern. Anyhoo, thanks!


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