House Of Fifty: First Color Issue

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The latest House of Fifty is now available!  You can go here for a preview.  There are several ways to enjoy your own copy of House of Fifty which you can explore here.  I downloaded my copy on the ipad yesterday and am still pouring through it!  So much good stuff from lifestyle to design.  Just my cup of tea.

P.S.  I'm once again honored to be a part of this wonderful and inspiring publication.  I was one of several bloggers called upon to share how we make it through the long and often dreary winter months.  By the way, how do you beat the winter blues?  Do tell...


  1. Boy that is such a good topic Rene. Looking forward to checking it out.

    Winter is tough, even here in LA. I dread it more and more every year. I loathe having to wear so many layers and jackets, and socks! I'm so much happier in sandals and t-shirts.

    And for me, it's just awful when football is over and there's no baseball yet. February is my least favorite month of the football or baseball...just dreadful! Can't wait for my Dodgers :)

    I guess winter serves a purpose but I'm not sure what it is. I could sure live without it forever. When the temp dips below 65 I get a little cranky ;)

    Have a great day Rene! xo

  2. I live in Tennessee so our winters are usually pretty mild, with some very cold snaps thrown in. It can be dreary and wet much of the winter, though, and on those days I love being at home with a fur throw and some of my favorite magazines!

  3. So excited for this issue!!! So much good stuff. I like to take walks outside with my family {even if it's chilly} and hot cocoa with whip cream picks me up. A pedicure never hurts either.

  4. Thank you for working with Courtney on the article and a big thank you for sharing the new issue of HOF with your readers today! Janell

  5. Congratulations Rene! I can't wait to read it. And I am anxiously looking at all the buds on the trees counting down the days til spring. -Lane


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