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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'll admit that I have been rather smitten with Kim Cornelison's living room ever since it was featured in the May BHG.  I have been searching high and low for an image online, but with no luck.  So this picture of a picture will have to do.  The textures and colors in this room are perfect and I love that the rug is black and white rather than sisal or something in the brown family - a very nice surprise.

I had fun pulling the pieces (or similar) together to "shop the look".

  1. glass rope cloche
  2. blue lamp
  3. side table
  4. similar chair fabric
  5. coffee tables
  6. sofa
  7. rug
  8. floor lamp, similar
  9. gold pillow
  10. light blue ikat pillow
  11. navy ikat pillow

This image was taken before the BHG feature and some of the accessories are different, but you can get an idea of how great it is.  

**Revised to add this image from Design Sponge.

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    1. beautiful design! i love the navy ikat pillow! :)

    2. Oh, that room..perfect in my opinion, too! Love the cozy, collected, casual yet fresh look. I've used those tables from World Market, no better texture!

    3. Beautiful room. I love that you've laid out the whole room...someone could complete the entire room if they wanted. Fantastic :)

    4. P.S. just fyi...when I click on the coffee tables link it takes me to the fabric it just my whacky computer?

    5. Karen, that is an example of me "pre-coffee". I fixed the link. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)


    6. Now that things are so accessible - it drives me crazy when you can't find a room's original source somewhere on the net. But it happens - you've done a great job recreating this look. Love the pillows!

    7. I love love love this room. Have gone back to look at it several times.

    8. Love the whole room. I agree...great mix of textures and colors. That pooch is pretty cute, too. Hope your week is going well Rene.

    9. the room but honestly what I really liked was the picture of you and your hubby. Such a great picture!

    10. Wow, you nailed it, Rene! I like that room very much too. I'll have to go back and see if I still have my May issue of BH&G.

    11. Oh yeah, I tore this one out -- the whole house actually. thanks for bringing to my attention again, because it really is an awesome room -- kind of my perfect living room actually. I'm going to pin your design board so I can refer back to it. That rope cloche just kills me too. I think I have a DIY in mind.
      Thanks, Rene!


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