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Monday, August 20, 2012

Last week when I picked up my shelf brackets at IKEA, I snapped a few pictures to share with you. Is it me or is IKEA getting better at bathroom sink bases?  They still have the ones that look like airplane sinks, but have definitely branched out from there.

I'm loving these dark walls and generous sink.  New hardware could completely change the look of this bad boy.

And here is the baby bear version which would work in our baby bear bathrooms.  Very tempting.

And now for the white option.  Don't think you could go wrong with any of the above.

Another thing that caught my eye was the layered bedding.  Love the stripes with paisleys AND the dark walls.  Well, and the gallery behind the bed isn't bad either.

More layered bedding.  I'll bet sales for the buffalo plaid have gone through the roof since the Southern Living Ideas House used it here.  Maybe it's just the Southern girl in me, but toile never gets old when used in small doses mixed with other patterns.

Looking for inexpensive art?  How about a butterfly poster?

Not a bad price for botanical prints.  So tell me, what have you found at IKEA lately?

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  1. My daughter dragged me down to IKEA once again to furnish her dorm room. She is the proud new owner of the blue/white toile, rug,letter tray and pencil holder, and containers. This is her third year in college and I am convinced that by the time she has her first home that she will be able to COMPLETELY furnish it with all of her IKEA.

  2. I'm a fairly new reader to Cottage & Vine. We're beginning a make-over of a wonderful nearly-century old farmhouse. It is my in-laws house, but they are aging, and down-sizing. They have done the major reno work, so we get the fun part. I love a lot of the things at IKEA, but I often wonder if it would look out of place. We are going for a Pottery Barn feel - rustic and refined. Some of these sinks look like they would fit the part. So enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous,

    Thank you for commenting! I totally agree with you about the look of the cabinet bases fitting into an older home. I live in a 1930's Cape Cod and think these would definitely "work" in our home - especially with the right hardware.


  4. I am sooo jealous of you people who have ikea where you live!!

  5. I am excited to go to Ikea next month for our twice a year monthly trek. :) It is sort of a drive for us but we combine it with The Cheesecake Factory and HomeGoods. Yay!

    I love the layered bedding with the paisley. I only wish they had better duvet choices for king beds. All of the ones I like are usually only Queen. I will definitely be checking out that butterfly poster. Very cute!

    Hugs, Angie

  6. Just got back, it was filled with college students and you're right I saw a few carts with buffalo plaid rugs and bedding. The last time I was there with my husband I was telling him I thought the bathrooms looked great, clearly you're much more into it than he was! :)
    I also thought some of the weathered wood looking pieces were nice.

  7. I think ikea has come a long long way! A great source for finding items that have a current style without spending lots of money. Great examples of ikea style!!! Next time you go I want to go with you!

  8. I have a date to go to Ikea with a friend who just bought a tiny little cottage on the Maine coast. It's perfect for furnishing a summer cottage! She'll be so excited about the pretty sinks and vanities….the bathroom in her new cottage features a sky blue sink, toilet and tub!

  9. Thanks so much for posting this. I need a new bathroom vanity and haven't found one that I like in the size I need or a price I will pay. Going to Ikea today!! And I do love your blog!

  10. It's true! and the kitchen display has really improved in our Ikea. There have been times in the past where there was nothing I was wanting there, but they've seemed to up their game quite a bit this year! We are finding lots of goodies lately.

  11. Well since you asked Rene...every move requires a trip to Ikea and this move was no exception. The chandelier hanging in our dining room of our 112 year old house turned out to be plastic brass...I knew from the photos it was going to need replacing, but had no idea until I touched it that it was plastic. Not sure what I want just yet, but for for $30 or $40, can't remember...I found a large enameled looking pendant that matches the gray paint perfectly! An Edison looking light bulb from Home Depot and I could not be happier with my Ikea purchase!

  12. I totally agree - a little toile and buffalo check is always appropriate! I am so glad Ikea is finally coming around and designing pieces that are more transitional (boderline traditional). Love your finds, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home and design expertise with us!

  13. I live over an hour away from our Ikea but man do I wish I lived closer. They keep getting better and better!

  14. You had me at Ikea. :D I am always so impressed with what their designers come up with for the budget conscious buyer.

  15. You are making me want to jump in the car! (Oh how I wish Atlanta wasn't 4 hours away)

  16. We actually live about 5 minutes from IKEA so I go in patterns where I'm there all the time and then not there for a while, but it's 5 minutes down the road so easy to get to. Always a fun adventure!

  17. Renee I only wish we had one here in Kansas City, I love the San Diego location!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  18. must go to IKEA in's been way too long. My memories only give me pictures in of airplane sinks in my head. :)

  19. Love IKEA! I live in Charleston and go to the Charlotte location at least twice a year!

    I could not agree with you more on buffalo check and Southern Living!

  20. I agree! I jumped all over the plaid when I saw it a while ago. I bought it in a duvet set and their blue striped duvet set (it's the one they also sell in red and green). I made some knife's edge euro shams out of a World Market tablecloth, and we interchange the two duvets to fit our moods. The bedroom is now my favorite room in the house (and the pooch's, too, since I bought him a velvet euro sham from Ikea for his bedroom-bed).

  21. You know, I've been impressed with Ikea lately. Their latest catalog had some killer styling, and some of their stuff doesn't look so Ikea-ish anymore. I've been contemplating that butterfly print too! Wondering where you are putting the shelf brackets. I'm going to have to catch up with you to see what fun projects you have planned!

  22. I might sound like a broken record here...but you just can't beat Ikea for a lot of BANG!!!


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