A Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I picked this lamp up last year at The Salvation Army with plans to change the color.  Yesterday I finally whipped out the paint and picked up a new lamp shade.  There have been thousands of lamp makeovers so I won't bore you with the teeny tiny details, but I will share a little something that helped.  I used a paper plate to make a shield between to brass and porcelain.

Once I had the circle in place I secured it with tape and wrapped the cord and remaining base of the lamp in a plastic grocery bag.

The top was easy enough to tape.

Here are the paints I used.  First I cleaned the lamp well with 409 to ensure that the surface was clean and that the paint would adhere.  I applied one coat of primer and two coats of aqua.

I'm still working on filling the shelves with books.  I ordered a stack of books a couple of weeks ago from Half Price Books.  With books starting at $1 you can really stock up.  The curtains in this room are coming down...again.  The blue is just too much and I really want to go back to a clean natural linen look in here.  I know,  you don't have to say it ;).

I found the square shade at target which I adore!  It has a really nice linen texture and looks even better in person.  The old brass finial was one I had in a drawer and it totally adds the finishing touch.


  1. The paper plate is brilliant! I'm so pinning for future reference. Vintage lamps are the best!

  2. love it!! those ginger jar lamps are so in right now and of course anything with a pop of gold!

  3. The blue is a pretty accent in your room, and I was cracking up at the little change in curtains! :) Can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know I'm not alone!

  4. I LOVE the pop of blue in there! So pretty and fresh.

  5. I just love how this turned out! And that paper plate idea is pretty genius. This room reminds me of one that you would find in the movie "Something's Gotta Give" -- you have beautiful style!

  6. Love the lamp and the paper plate idea!

  7. No boring going on here! Love that color! It looks fabulous and I like the paper plate and 409 tips.

  8. What a lovely transformation! Love the shade.


  9. Love the color. I have tried to get a glossy finish on a similar lamp but just can't seem to get that glass-like finish.


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