My Paint Colors - the Exterior

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Every week or so, I receive an email or a question on Houzz about the colors on the exterior of our little cottage.  I'm pretty sure that I've covered the door color a couple hundred times - I apologize in advance to my regular readers :).

The exterior wall color isn't that easy which might explain why I have never mentioned it.  Our house was this color when we moved in 16 years ago.  When we need paint, we take a chip of paint  from the house to the paint store and have it color matched.  Unfortunately I do not currently have a can of paint with the color formula or I would share that.  However, I did find the closest Benjamin Moore match(es).  Please keep in mind the actual paint chips may look completely different depending on your computer settings.

China White only my house is a tiny bit darker.

OR somewhere between Going to the Chapel...

and Early Morning Mist

The door color is Wythe Blue.

  The trim color is regular white exterior trim paint.  The shutters are black.  The shingles are black architectural.

I hope this helps for anyone wondering.

We have plans to update the shutters one of these days.  The ones on the house now are not the correct scale.  Did you know that shutters, when closed should meet in the middle of the window?  Well, ours don't.  We also want to add back the original hardware to hold the shutters open like this...

Have you ever priced out "real" shutters?  Yowzers.  One day.


  1. i pinned this- LOVE your colors!
    i would love your input on my own home's exterior.... as in if you were to NOT change the roof color and the trim, what would you do with the exterior.... our roof is a reddish brown which kind of dictates the color family. the trim is chocolate brown and glossy so i won't be repainting that any time soon. can i work with it to make it more appealing?

  2. Love your paint colors! Simple but perfect. We're a white house with green shutters, but I hope to do all the green in black one day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Cassie, I say paint the trim white and go with a fun door color. I know you don't want to tackle the trim now, but it would make the biggest difference.

  4. I've always loved your paint colors; especially the door color! We put "real shutters" on our last house and they are a serious investment! I have dreams to doing it to this house one day, but I have a lot more windows to deal with. I keep wondering if there's a way to fake it using window hardware... kind of like people have done creating carriage doors on their garage.

  5. Adore! I'm going to build my own shutters because I find them horribly expensive too! Next year's project!! :)

  6. Love the whole look of your exterior. Once and a while I see great shutters on craigslist but it's hard to find just the size you need.

  7. Do you know what color your roof is? Ha, just kidding! :) This regular reader never gets tired of seeing that beautiful door!

  8. totally crazy for your front door color! LOVE it!

  9. Thank you ladies!

    Pam, maybe I should have said, "committed" readers. "Regular" sounds too mediocre :) and mediocre you are not, ha! Seriously, thank you for the sweet comments everybody!!!


  10. Your house is so beautiful Rene. As others have said....charming!! You have done such a nice job with the colors and your gorgeous landscaping. Definite curb appeal and I'm in love with your front door.

  11. So pretty! I have never checked out prices for shutters but I bet they are a pretty penny. Maybe one at a time? That would be interesting...:)

    I have been away from reading blogs this week and have missed so much!


  12. ...beautiful house with a fresh colour palette, I love the green foliage against the off-white render.. it simply oozes curb appeal


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