Herb Tower - Still Going Strong

Thursday, May 3, 2012

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the herb tower I planted last spring.  All of the hardy herbs survived the winter and are still growing strong.  I need to add a few summer favorites back to the mix like basil and cilantro, but here is how it looks now...

I guess it would be safe to say that the oregano, thyme, and chives are very happy.  It would also be fair to say that these plants have received little or no care in months.  Most herbs are ok with a little neglect which works for me.

The artichoke in the middle probably needs to be planted in the ground considering this is what a full sized plant looks like.  Have any of you grown artichokes?

I cannot wait until it looks like this.

Now for the big question - what is your favorite herb?  I would love to try something new.


  1. Inspired! Charlie Headington over on Mendenhall (the guy who planned the Edible Schoolyard) grows them in his front yard-- they seem to do really well with full sun!

  2. Can't live with out basil & cilantro!

  3. Looks great! What a fun idea. Herbs are my favorite! I've had an herb garden since the age of 7 when my parents bought me the "chia" herb garden! haha


  4. I remember you posting about this before and meant to do it earlier in the spring. Thanks for jogging my memory. we're having days in the low to high 80's .. do you think it would still work if I planted by this weekend. Love fresh herbs as well as the look of what you have accomplished. thank you

  5. Melissa, I will have to check that out, thanks.

    Sonny, yes, I think you could plant now as long as you water everything until well established. Good luck!

    Laura, how nice to start early. Your parents were very wise :)

  6. we were talking about planting an herb garden but are running short on time- i love this idea! i might show my husband so we can make one!

  7. It looks great Rene! Isn't it wonderful to have your own herb garden and pick fresh herbs when you need them! Two of my favorites are lemon sage and mint. I planted lemon sage last year for the first time and my hubby and I loved the flavor it added to dishes. Fresh Mint is always nice to pop in a glass of ice tea.

  8. We have an artichoke that I planted on our parking strip (aka it gets completely ignored) and it's on its third year. It has three babies coming right now.

    I have a ton of herbs that come back every year, but last year I tried growing tarragon for the first time and LOVED it fresh. It's coming back from the ground too, so it made it through the winter.

    Another fun one I tried last year was lemongrass. It didn't overwinter, but I just got a new one to stick in this year.

    If I had to pick a fave though, it would most definitely have to be basil. I buy as many different kinds as I can find. If you have a Trader Joe's near by, they sell big pots of living basil for $2.99. They have it all the time, so I would imagine it's sold for counter use, but once our soil is warm enough, I'll be planting it outside. There's gotta be at least 10 plants in the one pot. Best deal in town. :o)

  9. Thanks so much for the ideas Mindy & Allison! I will definitely give those a try.

  10. Oh, I remember when you first posted this! Its so cool to see it all fleshed out! I just planted lavendar and i'm very excited to see if it grows...and I love growing mint to add to summer iced tea. Please update with progress on that artichoke-I've never known anyone that has grown one and I'm interested in seeing how it goes!


  11. I love that tower! My dad just helped me put a raised box garden in our backyard and I planted lots of herbs. I grew a few in pots last year and I really loved having fresh mint and basil on hand.

  12. Love the herb tower. I've never tried growing artichokes, but see them all the time on walks, growing wild. They are amazing plants at every stage.

  13. Your herbs look amazing! I need to plant some - nothing like snipping fresh herbs when cooking dinner.

  14. I love rosemary. It is pretty and hardy - mine has lasted in a pot on the deck since last summer and has grown nicely. I like to strip some leaves off the stem for potatoes (roasted or mashed) and with olive oil, and sea salt on fresh baked foccacia bread. I enjoy your blog!


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