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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Several years ago for Mother's Day, we gave Mom a genealogy fan chart that I purchased from Martha Stewart.  Mom has done countless hours of research and has traced her heritage back many generations.  Later, for her birthday, I commissioned a calligraphy artist to print the names onto the chart and had the chart professionally framed.  Of course there are many more names to add now.  So many that the chart would almost be full.  But Mom has enjoyed it and I love seeing this in her family room.

There are so many great options for displaying genealogy.


I thought this was a clever way to display "his" and "hers" side by side and am tempted to do this very thing myself.  You can print your own chart here.

Here is another variation from Martha.

I really like this tree and the bold, graphic punch it gives this space.

If you prefer something a little more modern, this is a fun version from 71 Toes.

Have you created a family tree?  This is definitely going on my ever growing list of things to do.


  1. What a thoughtful gift. I really love the one from 71 Toes. Great post.

  2. These are great, and my favorite is the last one by 71 Toes. I love the fun design and the pop of green that comes from the leaves. Cute!

  3. I haven't seen one done like that, it's very nice and what a lovely gift!

  4. What a beautiful gift... and a treasure for years to come! Ideal. Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the day! Jalon

  5. What a great gift idea! I love genealogy, knowing the history of your family, seeing the names that are part of you even if you don't know them. Thanks for the beautiful and inspiring ideas!

  6. So wonderful. Not a tree yet but working on something similar. FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. I don't move quickly on some things. Great examples this morning.

  7. I love family trees and family history. In my last house, my friend painted a tree on our living room wall and I wrote in names on the leaves. Our black & white photos hung on this wall as well and it was fun and interesting. I was sad to have to paint over it when I was staging the house to sell - a framed version is much better! Love the fans - maybe I'll do that for this house.

  8. What a great idea as a wedding present for a family have his "side" and her "side" and hang them together! Take care, Caroline

  9. I would love to one day have a family tree...I blogged about my sister in law's family tree dating back the to 1700's..It is one of the most magnificent trees I have seen. It was on display in the Manhattan Museum of Art for a time...

  10. What a wonderful gift, Rene. I think this would make a lovely Mother's Day gift.

    I especially love the graphic tree.

    Take care,


  11. What a wonderful gift, Rene, and so meaningful. My mom had started one and my sister and I have picked up where she left off. It's taking us a long time but is so interesting.

  12. Such a wonderful gift! I've never done one, but that last one looks like a fun DIY project. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a special gift. My dad's family has traced out genealogy. I know he would love this. I love the second image with his/hers.

  14. Love the side by side his and hers Rene! I might have to do that!!

  15. They can be so beautiful and of course meaningful. I would love to do my family tree someday!

  16. I have always wanted to create a family tree! I love the leaf version one. Thank you for the lovely reminder!

  17. Hello, I want to do the "his and hers", you have pictured under family tree for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. I was wondering how big are the frames shown? And the genealogy print out how large is the paper, and did you have a professional print it out for you?
    Kelli C.

    1. Hi Kelli. That project was featured on LGN. See the link under the picture. Hopefully you can find the details you need there.



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