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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots of changes are happening around here and one of them is the location of my office.  For too long my office has been located in a room in the northern end of our home.  The room receives little natural light and I'll just be honest, it can be depressing to work there.  Natural light makes me one happy girl so I have decided to takes my business to the sunroom.  The other day, my husband and I made a road trip to Ikea to check out the desks.

I really like the look of a parson's desk, but no luck.  I did however find this desk.  This scale was perfect and the finish & lines are similar to what I wanted.  I need to find the right hardware - most likely brass.  The bonus is the price - $80.

While I was there, I snapped a few pictures of things that caught my eye.  Maps are so cool - especially big ones!  I could see this framed out or dry mounted and hung on a large wall in maybe a masculine office space or den.  Love the picture lights too.

Clients are often looking for media storage and something to accommodate a flat screen tv.  I really liked this sideboard because it doesn't scream dvd/cable box.  The keyhole is a fun touch and I suppose it could be painted and fun hardware could be added.

Wicker is a great way to add texture to a room, but sometimes the finish/color can be a little off.  This wicker chair is perfect for around $80.

You know how I feel about organization.  Textured  magazine holders & hat boxes are now on my wish list.

Many of my clients ask for ways to add a modern element to their otherwise traditional homes.  A piece of modern art can do wonders to change the feel of a room.

I know we have a love.hate relationship with Ikea lighting, but these funky lights definitely have their place.  Again, a great way to change up a traditional room.

Good gussy, have you seen their tile?  The penny tile is my favorite, but the others aren't bad either.  If you have purchased Ikea tile I would love to hear from you. 

Channeling my inner Iron Chef...I could never go the industrial kitchen route, but have always loved the look.  Do you?

So tell, have you found any Ikea favorites lately?


  1. I've had my eye on that map for our basement. My other love at Ikea: hanging chairs for the kiddos. They were out of stock at Christmas so I bought some elsewhere and I really wish I waited....I love the shape of the ones there, and they're actually comfortable!
    I just bought a light for my mudroom but haven't put it together. Holy thousands of pieces!!
    Enjoy your new office space...a sunroom sounds like the perfect space for writing and creativity!

  2. I didn't know they sold tile. Ikea has become one of my favorite places to shop lately. Great finds!

  3. Looks like a great trip to Ikea.

  4. I'm in the process of re-doing my studio/office space and I'm really considering using a map in neutral tones for a more feminine touch. I think they add visual interest to a space. I went with an Ethan Allen desk last year that was part of their Country French collection. Good luck.

  5. Tile?? Who knew? Guess an Ikea run is necessary...oh darn. I love those cute little legs on that sideboard.

  6. Ikea has tile?!!! Wondering how the pricing was.....? Great picks Rene, sounds like a move to the sunroom will be perfect can't wait to see the transformation!

  7. I love that big map. I may have to stop by Ikea to check that one out. Ikea is the best!

  8. I bought that map a few weeks ago for my husband's has not been hung yet, but hopefully soon!! Take care, Caroline

  9. Love all of these finds! I'm a major IKEA fan.


  10. Ikea is so far away, so trips are few, but I may need to make a new one. Hugs, Marty

  11. i can't wait to see the new office! how fun! and isnt ikea always fun?

  12. i was just at ikea last week. know what i bought? that giant map to hang over andrew's bed. it is still in the box b/c the box looks suspiciously small for such a large map and therefore the work likely involved in assembling the piece intimidates me! haha. i also stocked up on sheets. both my boys have ikea comforter covers + sheets. they have such cute plaids and checks and little kid stuff. when it comes to their furniture though, i tread lightly. i've made a few botched up purchases there and ended up hating them once they were in my home.

  13. You've got a great eye! I love that gray rattan chair and the map. We're no-where near an Ikea unfortunately - but there is a weekly service that for a small fee drives to Texas each week for an Ikea run then delivers to the house - I love it!

  14. I love your IKEA finds! My recent IKEA finds inclue the Hemnes day bed (tons of storage for a kids room) and some 96"L window panels. 14.99/pair. Thanks for the map especially!

  15. I love nothing more
    than a morning spent
    at IKEA, maybe followed
    by Swedish meatballs
    in their cafe. It's like
    peeking into other
    people's spaces, with
    all the little room set-
    ups. So much to see
    and love!

    xx Suzanne

  16. I was so close to buying that map for Jack's bedroom. You've pulled some of my Ikea favorites here!

  17. Thrilled to have found your gorgeous blog! I am also a designer and work out of a former bedroom in my house. I sure could use more room. I think the next step is getting an office outside the house, but I just don't want the added overhead! So happy to be your newest follower!

  18. IKEA has tile??? yay!! I need some. This place never ceases to amaze.

    Inspiring post. Thanks, T

  19. I am praying that ikea opens up a store close to me..great finds..I love the organization tools and that amazing light fixture and maps - one of my favorite things to see in a room.

  20. Great finds, Rene! If you hear from someone that has used Ikea tile let me know too! :) Loving the texture of the bottom left. Now let's see the rest of that office space!!

  21. Boy the time of this post could not be better. I specked a large map like that one in a kids playroom....and BAM...there it is!
    Jealous that you have such a nice office. Whaaaaaa.

  22. i love the barometer lamp! always a favorite. and every item you showcased was great. thanks for sharing!

  23. I recently hit up Ikea for some storage ideas and loved many of those same pieces. We actually got all our kitchen appliances there and they've been great!

  24. I have a trip planned to buy the Expedit book shelf.
    Love ikea -

  25. I don't think I even knew Ikea had tile! P.S. I'm loving your new desk and psyched to see your new home office! P.P.S. That wicker chair must come live in my new kitchen ;-)


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