Laura's Kitchen

Monday, September 5, 2011

A while back I dedicated a post to my friend Laura who at the time was renovating her kitchen.  She was curious about banquettes and wanted to incorporate one into her kitchen.  Laura has three boys, two of them twins, and she wanted to make the best use of space to accommodate her family.

The other day, Laura invited me down  I forced my way in to take pictures.

Here is a before shot of the kitchen.

And, here is the after.  I love how fresh and airy this room feels now.  The dark floors, the Windsor chairs - love.  Laura found a black and white trellis pattern in an outdoor fabric for the seat cushion which you see on the roll on the banquette.

A little nod to her three boys.  Touches like this really make a kitchen the heart of the home.

Laura chose this marble tile back splash and soapstone counters.  She loves her counters and they are gorgeous!  Thanks Laura - now I hate my granite counters.

Another choice that she is happy with is this big ole' apron sink.  Love that bad boy.

I spotted this dried arrangement in the dining room and just had to snap a picture.  I'm sure at this point Laura was wanting to kick me out.  Isn't her dining room beautiful?!

Thanks so much for letting us stalk your house Laura!


  1. i LOVE it! we want to redo the kitchen of the house we are getting, and i want to do a banquette. our budget is ridiculously tight though so that part of it will be later in our lives i think... can you do a kitchen for under 10k? we are going to find out. :)
    tell laura her kitchen is stunning- the colors, the awesome wood floors, and i love the sign for her boys- SO sweet.

  2. Just gorgeous! I of course love the soapstone counters and marble tile, and I love all the fun personal touches she added, too. I love the cozy feeling of a banquette, and hers is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love everything about this space. The countertops are gorgeous and the backsplash is perfect. The little sign is adorable. Well done, Laura!

  4. This is s Wow! Laura's kitchen looks amazing. I love so many of the elements! The banquette is perfect! The lighting, the art!

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    Art by Karena

  5. Love the banquette area. It is wonderful and her counters and backsplash are fabulous. Of course I love that sink too. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh that is just beautiful. I love the tile and those counters. So pretty.

  7. Beautiful, warm and uber functional! I love it!

  8. Lovely transformation!! The floors are gorgeous and I am really loving the soapstone counters. I am looking for counters myself and am leaning towards them, Unfortunately, hubby loves granite. Well, we'll see!!


  9. I am glad you forced your way in, it's perfect. Love everything about it!

  10. gosh makes me want to hurry up and complete my kitchen! looks great! nice and cozy for her boys, too!


  11. How beautiful! Her sink is fantastic! Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend, Rene.

  12. What a great update - it's so much brighter now! I love that light fixture.

  13. I love that backsplash and the sink! Great choices! I think you should be given special dispensation to simply walk into people's houses and snap pictures, for our pleasure and education, of course . . .

  14. So pretty! That room was crying out for a banquette; it looks amazing now. Also the marble backsplash and apron sink are perfect. I pretty much want to move in.


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