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Friday, September 2, 2011

 I wanted to share this little jewel in the heart of downtown Greensboro called Design Archives.  Local readers, have you heard of it?  It is located directly across the street from Natty Greene's.  Brilliant location if you ask me.  Prepare for incomplete sentences...
 This is a view of the right half of the store front.  "Stuff" is its name.  Love.this.booth.  I mean love, love.
 It is made up of mostly mid-century modern pieces.  Melissa just has the eye for great "stuff".
 That mirror.  I die.

 Yep, I could live in this little window.  Good grief I want that little chest!  And the lamp!
She ships too.  I almost didn't share that for fear that someone might buy something I want.  It already happened once.  Grrr.

 Next stop, another wonderful vintage booth.  Yes please.  Love the dog.
Cassie, if you are reading, this owl vignette is for you ;)

Need a little something for your next garden party?  Did I mention that Kate Pierson of the B52's shopped here last time she was in town?  Yes she did.  Vintage clothing lovers, there is something for everybody.  

These are fun little custom mats made by my friend Jody.  She is a professional framer and has a great eye for design and detail.  She has an extensive selection of paper to choose from in her collection.
Oh vintage lighting, how I love thee.  And what about those funky little candle sconces on the wall?
 Last but not least, we have the other half of the storefront - Contents - another mid-century modern booth.  Just look at this Audubon lamp.

 The framed birds sitting inside the drawers are even more amazing in person.  And those horse heads - I want!

And, my goodness at this mirror.  This booth is getting ready to expand so prepare for more greatness.

Also in the Emporium is handmade jewelry, pottery, pillows, etc. 

They are gearing up for First Friday which is tonight.  Lots of new items have been added for the occasion.  If you are in town I urge you to check it out.  Have dinner at one of the many restaurants.  Walk across the street to Vintage Archives and shop.  Then walk down to Cheesecakes by Alex.  Did mention this is the best cheesecake in the world?  It is.  My boys ask for this instead of birthday cake for their birthdays.  They also ship.  Yums.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. What a cute little shop!! I love the owls!! So sweet:)

  2. Awww... Thanks:-). I absolutely love being in DA-- the most fun place I. Greensboro!! Hope to bump into you down there tonight!!

  3. I would be in that store all the time if I lived there. Loved it all! Have a great weekend.

  4. that place looks amazing! and of course i love hte owls, but also that black dresser and that gold mirror- swoon!

  5. Looks like a great shop. I love those brass sconces. Wish we could make a trip to my home town. I miss it dearly.

  6. Pretty sure I'm going to be planning a girls day out sometime in the near future... a review from a local is the best motivator.

  7. Love this store...I would love to have my booth in something quaint like this! Happy weekend! Caroline

  8. Oh, my, I wish I was closer! So many items I'd take home with me. Did you leave empty-handed, Rene?

  9. I could spend hours and hours looking at all of their great pieces! Wish I lived closer

  10. What a great find! So many fun pieces, I would love to ask them to ship me the black dresser trimmed in gold and the sweet ceramic dog!

    Have a fabulous weekend Rene.

  11. I LOVE downtown Greensboro- I only live about 45 minutes away! I have not been to design archives though- will definitely have to check it out! Greensboro has some fabulous early 20th century historic neighborhoods....I've done some work in the downtown preparing local landmark applications for a handful of historic buildings- one of them was the J.W. Jones Building (the home of Natty Greene's).

  12. What a wonderful shop. I see several things I like. Love that little chest that you pointed out, Rene. I would love to take a stroll through there if I lived closer and stop and have a slice of cheesecake afterwards. Happy holiday weekend to you and your family.

  13. Looks like a darling little shop...thanks for sharing it.


  14. Oh what a charming shop. It looks like the shops in the whole block would be fun to visit....Christine

  15. Darling store, but I have so enjoyed your comments! I was smiling the whole time! Please keep sharing your thoughts!

  16. Hi Rene. My husband and I stopped and browsed in there a few weeks ago after supper at Natty Greenes. You're right - it is a neat place to shop!

  17. That is some good shopping there!! I would be afraid I would spend a "gob" of money and be out of control. Here at the beach with a tropical storm. Rain. Rain. Rain!

  18. Wowza! Were you able to walk out of there without making any purchases?

  19. Such a fantastic store. I could get lost in there.

  20. I would shop here weekly if I lived in Greensboro - what a great place!!

  21. I see lots of goodies I want! Too bad I can't just pop down later today for some shopping and cheesecake ;-(

  22. Hi Rene,

    I know you don't know me but came across your blog a few days ago and LOVE it! Especially love the local places you highlight in the Greensboro area.

    We have just recently move here from Savannah and I am thrilled to find recommendations of places to explore. I sent you an email a few days ago asking if you could ever help me with some recommendations for a 1) seamstress for custom curtains 2) an upholster and 3) furniture refinisher as it is very difficult moving to a new area and finding good quality people that do excellent work. back in Savannah I had a list of go to people to use but now I am starting from scratch. This is only for personal use to decorate the house we recently purchased.

    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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