A Client's Family Room

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was hired by a local couple to help with their family room.  I love it when both the husband and wife participate in how they want to room to feel.  The home was already lovely and had an overall serene vibe.  Think calming colors, linen upholstery, fresh and airy.  They needed help with adding pattern, choosing a few key pieces of furniture, and accessories.  While I was there, we began re-arranging the furniture.  Gotta love clients who are willing to quickly make changes.  The sofa was originally opposite the tv and now it faces the fireplace with chairs flanking it.

With limited space between the fireplace and window, I recommended hanging one panel per window up high.  Also, the new location of  the sofa allows for a sofa table.

Here is a mock-up of the plan.  Please overlook the crooked curtain rods.

And here is the mood board that I created for the room.

Using existing photos of the family, I created a gallery around the new tv console to "fill in" that large wall.

I am really looking forward to seeing this room come together.

Revised to say:  Out of respect for my clients, I do not share sourcesThank you for understanding.

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  1. Pretty! Esp. love the ottoman and the console and stools-- my faves!

  2. Love it! The mirror above the fireplace, those one-sided panels are brilliant and the tufted ottoman as a coffee table really brightens and softens the room!! You definitely have an eye for this, Rene.

  3. You really nailed the serene vibe, looks lovely Rene!


  4. that is my kind of color palette- soft and pretty!
    but what is up with those crooked curtain rods??? ;) kidding!
    i can't wait to see it complete!

  5. Rene, it's going to be amazing! So hard to find chic ceiling lights too but you did. I love it all!

  6. It's amazing what those curtain panels are going to do and I also like adding the sofa table in too - looks so much more complete. Great job on this!

  7. Fabulous plan. I love everything about it. The panels are gong to make a huge difference! Way to go!

  8. Beautiful room to start with that mantel. The new tv console is great in white and love that tufted ottoman.

  9. I love your idea for the window treatments...I am thinking of doing that in my family room! Very nice, Rene!


  10. Looks great, Rene! Love those curtains! The light fixture is also great and I love the way you changed up the wall with the tv. Awesome!

    If my husband had free reign with our house, I'm pretty sure it would be red and yellow with a certain native american profile posted everywhere. :)

  11. it's going to be gorgeous! love the mirror over the fireplace and the little stools tucked under the console table!!

  12. Great ideas, Rene..it is amazing how different a space can look with just a different furniture layout and then the accessories take it to a different level.

  13. stunning. they are so lucky to have you. Thank God they let you move the furniture. ;-)

  14. Love the furniture arrangement! All of your choices are gorgeous!

  15. You've put the perfect touches on a room with great bones and great pieces of furniture. My favorites are the curtains and and the way you flanked the TV console with matching lamps. Very cool and unusual. I've never seen that! I also like the tall bookcase in the corner for added height.

  16. Such a soothing
    color palate. You've
    amped the cozy
    factor and I'm sure
    they are going to
    love it!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Hello Rene,
    Stopping by, thanks to Mary Ann,
    Great post and the perfect way for a client to visualize an existing room! Love the drapes and ottoman in particular. The console table is a perfect addition as well!
    Take care,
    The Treasured Home

  18. Great job with this Rene. I love the pieces and the mirror. Really love the pillows!

  19. It's going to be beautiful Rene. Can't wait to see the after!


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