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Monday, July 11, 2011

Last week when I wrote about bamboo shades and where to hang them, I received lots of feedback and thoughts on shade placement.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  I love blogging for many reasons and one of them is to have a group of people to turn to for opinions on decor - so thank you! 

One of the comments that was left was actually a question from Erin who asked:

Erin (Out on a Limb) July 7, 2011 11:41 AM  

I have them throughout my house installed inside, however I have a triple casement window in my living room with really puny casements separating the three windows making it hard to install this way. Any suggestions?? One large shade that's 88" (the overall width of window) would cost me a fortune and I'm afraid three smaller ones mounted on the outside would look strange..
Erin had such a great question that I asked her to send me pictures of her window so that we could help her decide what to do. Here is the window...and by the way, aren't the curtains and lamps great? 
Here is a closer look at the moulding...

Some more information from Erin:

"Ideally I'd love to have one blind/shade to span the three paneled windows which measures 83" from end to end (inside mount).  Right now, that would cost a fortune for me unless I come up with something creative.  The problem is that the interior portions or molding separating each third of the window only measures 1/2" deep, making it difficult to mount three individual blinds the traditional way.

The only thing I can come up with is finding something like the old $5 ikea matchstick blinds I had years ago and attach to the top with s-hooks."
Here are three scenarios (please use your imagination and pretend like the sheers aren't there):

1. Go with Erin's original wish and hang one matchstick/bamboo blind at the bottom of the top window casing like this:

2.  Hang one shade high along with the curtain rod like this:

 3.  Hang individual shades for the three windows like this:

I found a source for matchstick blinds called Matchstick Blinds - go figure.  They are reasonable, but the shipping is a little high.  Also, many lengths are available and you can cut them yourself.  All you do is roll them up and use a fine tooth saw or blade.  To mount them, all you need is two hooks or screws and they can be mounted from above if needed.

So now it is your turn to help Erin with her windows.  What would you do?

Here are a couple more images to help you decide...

Decor Pad


  1. Hi Rene, realise the post is about bamboo blinds but just have to say how much I love the breakfast nook in the last image! Hope you are well, Nicolex

  2. OOh...so many choices!! I would pick the 3 separate blinds with the curtains off to the side!! So cute and simple:)

  3. I love that you found this source! I still like them mounted in each window, though-- love that Decorpad image!

  4. This is perfect-- we have the 2 of the same kind of windows in our new home and it has been a dilemma what to do. Take care, Caroline

  5. i like the 3 separate sections of blinds- it looks neater and more custom in my humble opinion!

  6. I like option two with the single blind across the top and mounted high.

  7. I like the three separate blinds - it looks more clean finished and symmetrical to me!! Good luck!

  8. I like the 3 blinds as well. Also, I'm considering something similar for my screened porch. Anybody know if they are or can be made water resistant?

  9. I like the symmetry of three separate blinds.

    I was able to find my matchstick blinds for cheap, cheap, cheap at a garden centre, as they were considered outdoor blinds. They can easily be painted too.

    I have mine in a casement, bay window with three panels. The blinds were too wide, so I rolled them up really tight, taped them and put them in my miter saw to get them to the desired width.

    Hope this helps Erin.

  10. I would choose to go with the 3 separate blinds. I just think it's such a great look.

  11. I like the three separate shades. They don't look as bulky and heavy. I think it would give her more options when it comes to opening them.
    The window looks great though! Love those drapes!

  12. Rene, thanks for the tip source and images.

    I actually like the three separate shades best!


    Art by Karena

  13. I'm diggin' the three individual shades as well. We were considering the matchstick based on price, but we ended up getting the real deal at Home Depot and they go up and down like a mini blind. (pull the rope one way for up, other way for down) They were stocked in several sizes and styles/colors and were quite reasonable. (two of our front windows are huge and the majority that I looked at in the style I wanted were waaaaaaay out of our budget) They weren't technically the kind you can cut, but my hubby busted out the skill saw, rolled them up, wrapped tape around the rolled ends and cut away. That worked just fine.

  14. I vote for the 3 shades mounted inside! I love seeing the casement in between...great architectural interest :) Erin, love those lamps too!

  15. I like the look of the three separate shades. I think it looks a little more balanced and is a very clean look. Love Erin's curtains and a pretty view of that tree from her window.

  16. gosh both ways are fine with me ....if you decide to go 1 long 1 make sure you check overstock.com they have 100's of blinds and i thought the best prices i could find.

  17. Wow. Beautiful window and window treatments. I am feeling the three separate shades for sure. Love the look and adds another layer of interest.

  18. Rene to the rescue! I am leaning towards 3 individual blinds because they define the windows. Good luck deciding, Erin.

  19. Wow! I think I will go with the consensus and go for three separate shades. The photo-shopped images were really helpful. Thank you Rene, for throwing my question out there to your readers, and thank you all for your ideas, resources, and compliments. Blogland is a wonderful place!

  20. Yep...I like the three individual shades. Another thing to consider when using a large blind as it can be cumbersome to open and close and they usually break easily because of the weight.

  21. I like treating the three windows as one.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on DD2's nursery. :)


  22. Thanks for your input everyone! I must admit that before I did the mock ups of the windows, I thought one large shade would be the way to go. After seeing all of the options, my favorite is three shades. I do think that one 83" shade would be very heavy to raise and lower. Thanks for sharing your windows with us Erin! This was fun - maybe we will do it again sometime.

  23. Rene, how nice of you to help Emily with her design dilemma. What a fun post! I too am a fan of the three separate shades -- that would be my first pick. I can't help but notice how the picture of the very wide shade really elongates the room. Maybe a cool visual trick to keep in mind?

  24. That is a great point Camille. One long shade does create an illusion of a longer space which could come in handy in the right room (on a short wall).

  25. Rene, I just added natural blinds to my kitchen and breakfast room windows. I LOVE them. The bamboo is fabulous!

  26. Hi, I like the idea of three separate blinds for a couple of different reasons. First thought, it is much easier to manuever the three blinds, than one large blind. At that size it would be difficult to lift and keep the bottom perimeter straight. Second, I feel that three blinds gives the appearance of being a bit more tailored. I also love inside mounted blinds whenever possible. Again, it provides a more tailored feel, in my opinion. In looking at your photo, I would also lower the center bracket supporting your drapery rod. This would release the slight bow that I noticed. Love the draperies and the fun lamps!

    Custom Designs by Monique

  27. In my den I used bamboo blinds (lowes) in each individual window section, with drapes to the side. She should move her rod higher up, in my non-professional opinion. Here is a photo of my den windows: http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/bringing-turquoise-into-red-room.html

  28. The single blind mounted high looks good to my eye. You'll have to show us what she decides!

  29. I'm loving the idea of three separate blinds mounted inside the windows. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it's going to be lovely. Can't wait to see what you choose.


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