Purged & a Summer Recipe

Monday, July 25, 2011

The yard sale was a great success last weekend and probably the easiest one we have ever had.  Very few items were left at the end of the day which is an added bonus.  Thank you nice man with the big biceps who bought the Avon cologne cars!

Friday while I was scurrying around getting ready for the sale, I received a text that read, "got corn & maters".  This was my husbands funny way of telling me that someone at work had shared corn and tomatoes from their garden.  We had so much of it that I made one of our favorite summer dishes.

The ingredients are simple:

fresh tomatoes
fresh raw corn
red onion (or if you want sweeter, use vidalia)
Italian dressing made according to package directions.

Use what you have.  Add dressing to taste.  Mix together, chill, and serve.  Sometimes I throw in a handful of herbs.  Enjoy!

I have been invited to share my recipe with StoneGable & 33 Shades of Green.


  1. I hate I missed your sale, in mountains with friends. Thanks for letting your blog world know, will try and make the next one!

  2. Congrats on the successful yard sale! I make a similar dish with roasted corn. Looks delish! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad it went well-- I ended up having "french toast morning" instead of "solo-sailing morning" and missed all the good sales. Yummy recipe!

  4. Those avon cars bring back memories :)

    That salad a great summer serve - we love it just the way you made it. Sometimes i change it up and add canned (drained) black beans.

    Congrats on the sale.

  5. i wish we were closer because i know i would have been able to help you purge. :)

  6. Rene this sounds like such a refreshing salad!! Love fresh veggies!

    So glad your sale was a success!


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  7. Yum! Love corn and tomatoes together!
    That's great that your garage sale was so successful! Cassie of p&p and i were just at goodwill and saw a large collection of those avon cologne bottles!

  8. Glad to hear the yard sale was a rousing success! And what a yummy dinner you made to celebrate!

  9. I love fresh corn & tomatoes! So you don't cook the corn?

  10. Yummy looking recipe! Glad you yard sale went well! I had forgotten about those Avon cars!

  11. Great recipe! I'll have to grab the ingredients next weekend when I'm at the farmers market.

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  12. A yard sale! I need one of those. Recipe looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Monday

  13. Rene, I call dishes like yours "summer on a plate". All these wonderfully delicious tastes! Please come over to StoneGable and add your dish to ON THE MENU MONDAY. We would all love it!

  14. Summer time food is the best!

  15. Congrats on a great yard sale! Isn't it a great feeling to purge and simplify! Corn and tomatoes are a yummy combination. Looks delicious. Have a great week, Rene.

  16. Hello

    I found your blog off of Stonegable today.

    I do not have a food blog. I, occasionally, do recipes, but I'm more of a parenting, humor, and travel blog mixed in with a lot of this and that. As a mom to two children, I'm always looking for recipes and tips on meal planning. So, are my readers.

    On August 1, I'm going to host a link up post for recipes, meal planning tips, or tools for kitchen organization to make meal planning easy.

    My post from Saturday has more details. I hope you join me. I would love to see you link up.


  17. Thanks everybody! Just wanted to add that this recipe is also good with boiled, roasted, or grilled corn. Given the 100 degree days we have had here, I chose the no-cook option. Also, I loved Sheri's idea of adding black beans, yum! Isn't summer food the best?


  18. Nothin' like a good yard sale to make you feel good about the state of the home.

    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  19. Oh, yum! Can't beat a fresh tomato!

  20. Oh, wow! Simplicity itself and yet . . . why has it never occurred to me before to toss together tomatoes and corn? This sounds delicious! I am trying it before summer is out!

  21. Yum Rene! Fresh Summer recipes like this are the best. I have a bottle of Good Seasoning Italian dressing on hand at all times! It's the only dressing we ever had in the house when I was growing up. My sister and I just found a vintage Good Seasoning cruet in with our grandparents things. We love it!

    Thank you for linking up!

  22. What a fantastic Summer recipe. Light and refreshing!

  23. My two favorite ingredients--and such an easy recipe. Thanks, Rene! Oh, and congrats on your yard sale. Nothing better than cleaning up and out...

  24. LOVE that recipe....will try it this weekend with fresh maters and corn from the farmers market. :)

    My dad totally calls them maters....and he isn't kidding. :)

  25. Man...I made that salad and it was awesome! My new fav for sure.....


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