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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This isn't necessarily a pretty garden, but hopefully it will be effective.  Over the years, we have tried planting a garden in various areas of the yard.  When it was in the middle of the back yard, the dog stomped through it and the squirrels would grab green tomatoes and climb up the dogwood tree.  I can't tell you how many half eaten green tomatoes I found in the crotch of the dogwood tree last year.  *%@#!!  Anyway, this is yet another attempt at growing tomatoes this year.  We will see....

This potting bench has seen better days, but it has been SOO convenient.  My husband made it years ago and like me, it is a little older/saggier than it used to be, but it still works.

Random bits:

1. Tools -- Martha Stewart avert your ears/eyes.  My tools are rusty.  They are tools not medical equipment.  This is OK.  I keep them handy in my old pottery crock rust and all - easy to grab when I need them.

2. Terra cotta -- When a terra cotta pot breaks, I keep the pieces.  They are perfect for covering the drainage hole when planting new pots.

3. Pea gravel -- When the paper-whites are finished, I shake out the old gravel and save it.  You never know when you will need a little gravel and it sure beats dragging another heavy bag home from the garden store.

4.  The bird house was made by my son when he was a tiny little thing.  He painted it in colors he liked and it makes me happy.

Here we have tomatoes, red bell pepper, and cucumbers.  My plan is to train the cucumbers to grow up the fence.  Again, we will see.  Squirrels, don't make me come out there!

And last, but not least is the stacked herb garden.  I have been seeing a lot of these on pinterest and even a how-to from Martha, but I just stacked mine and tucked dirt in around it.  This year, I am trying artichokes for the first time and Thai basil for my 15 year old who loves to cook anything Thai.  Also, since this picture was taken, I have added chives to the top pot.

The stacked herb garden has been planted for  a couple of weeks now and so far so good.  I'll keep you posted.

 The other day, I fell in love with this water color on Etsy.  I think every gardener needs one....

 and these markers on pinterest could be a fun DIY project for the garden.

If you would like to see more pictures of gardens and potting benches, go here.


  1. Your post today is so funny! I hope it grows well-- I bet you can put nails in the fence and train fishing line down for the cukes to grow up on. I love your stacked pots-- if that works well, it may be a solution to the bunnies eating up all my parsley and cilantro. Happy growing!

  2. it looks so pretty! and i think we are all a little older and saggier after having kids.... ;) too funny! love the markers you are eyeing!

  3. Exactly a project I need to get to in my yard! Love the markers...too cute! Janell

  4. Ohhhh, this post is making me long for my own outdoor space. I love the stories behind your potting bench and birdhouse--so sentimental.

  5. Your stacked herb garden is incredibly cute! I'm re-thinking my little container garden and wondering how to create a stacked pot...thanks for the inspiration!

    I posted this morning about my balcony garden at

    Turning a House into a Home

  6. So pretty, Rene!! I'm loving your stacked herb garden! I need to try this and that watercolor is so perfect!! Love it!

  7. Love your garden space, Rene, and the stacked herb garden is perfect!

  8. I've been trying to do a sucessful garden here in FL since we moved here 7 years ago.. it's very hard..

    I love the ideas of the stacked pots! How cute!

    Hope your tomatoes turn out!

  9. Love the stacked herb garden! So much prettier than what I have going on (a collection of mismatched pots.) Love those plant markers! And I love how you showed your rusty tools, too. Mine are shamefully rusty, but work just fine. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I LOVE the stacked herb garden!! I would actually attempt that one! My husband wants a huge garden but we aren't even going to attempt one until we can make a raised one to keep the bunnies out :) Good for you for trying!

  11. I love your space, it looks well-loved and well-worn. I'm excited to see how your cukes train up the fence. Also love your stacked herb garden!

  12. I love your potting bench...everyone should have one. it beats bending over or sitting on the ground {the way I do it!!}

    I love your tiered herb planters...what a great idea. I may have to try it! And yes, garden tools are not medical supplies!

    Good luck with the tomatoes. Our squirrels used to play catch with them!


  13. WHAT - that stacked herb garden?? I'm in love and will be doing that the second I get home. Okay maybe not the very first second but definitely in the near future.....thanks for sharing that clever idea! I love your potting bench and have been desiring one for years. And that bird house....too cute. My kids painted tera cotta pots years ago and I love the "patina" they have developed from being left outside, very much like your birdhouse. You'll have to update us on whether those naughty animals steal your harvest this year!

  14. Rene -- I saw the first picture in my reader and thought it was a magazine picture!
    That potting bench is awesome -- I'd kill for one, and I love the rustic patina. Heck I'd be tempted to bring that thing inside.
    Off to look at your Pinterest page now.

  15. Love your potting bench and the water color.

  16. I made similar markers with my old paint sticks that were hanging around my basement and some chalkboard spray paint. Super simple and surprisingly, they have stood up to the sprinklers and rain. Absolutely love your tiered herb garden! Love the blog.

  17. I love your potting bench, Rene. It looks well used and well loved...the perfect combination. The stacked herb garden is a great idea. I am praying for a little sun here so I can get out and garden. A sweet and special birdhouse, too.

  18. Love the idea of a stacked herb garden Rene! I wish I could keep something alive, I have been cursed with a black thumb.

  19. Hmmm - now I have appetite for a big salad!!! :-))))


  20. Rene,
    I think you have the perfect potting bench! It is full of useful items, and has such a well loved and worked look.
    Your stacked herb garden is gorgeous. I'm going out tomorrow to buy what I need to make one for myself! Fabulous post. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  21. I wish you much success with your garden. We have had a raised bed for the past couple of years and we're still learning, but it's fun!

    I love the stacked herb garden! Our herbs are in our bed, but I'd like to see how yours do this year.

    Take care,


  22. The stacked herb garden looks great! The bird house is precious!

  23. I like how your maximizing your garden space. The herb garden is great! Could you maybe build a net frame to keep out pesky squirrels? Like a big box frame that you can lean against the fence and then wrap with that plastic bird mesh. I may have to get creative at the new house here..already the squirrels sit on the fence and harass our dogs.

  24. You inspire me to garden! Your post about the Better Homes and Gardens site that shows what type of container would work well resulted in me having a container of herbs this year!! So thanks Rene!

  25. Kristina, yes! We have been tossing around ideas like this. Before too long, my little garden might look like Alcatraz.

  26. Love the potting bench. Even in it's worn state! And thanks for the herb growing inspiration. I have a stack of clay pots on my porch right now and am planning to make a trip to the greenhouse later today. Pretty sure I'm going to make me one of those. Maybe I'll even buy the cute labels!

  27. Im a sucker for terra cotta pots. lovely garden pics.

  28. This is my first time visiting you blog. Cute potting bench you have! I'd have a need for that too, but haven't got time for building it (or planning it yet) ..and where to locate it..
    K/ Finland


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