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Monday, January 17, 2011

I wanted to share a few things with you that I made over the weekend.  I loved them so much that I made a couple of sets to put in the etsy shop.

I also added these colorful books last weekend.  When I was in the apparel business and we were in the early stages of creating a new collection for a season, we found color inspiration everywhere.  When I look at these old Reader's Digest books, the color combinations inspire me.  I especially love the navy, white, and orange together.  My blogging friend Jaime shared this NY Times article with me.  Apparently books are big now.  Who knew?

Have a great week!


  1. Loving the placemats Rene, very clever yet still simple and frugal. Well done.

  2. Rene, your placemats are adorable! I'm so impressed with your etsy shop and I have been eyeing the blue/turquoise color Reader Digest books! I always feel a tad of guilt buying a book for strictly its cover, but I think I just need to get over it - especially after you posted the image of those beautiful book covers!!

  3. Those placemats are adorable! Love love them! The words you chose are so perfect too! You have been busy! Your shop is looking great!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love how your Etsy shop is coming together, Rene. Needless to say, I want everything! Always loved those Reader's Digest books. The store I used to work at had them on display and they were always such fun to decorate with. A perfect finishing touch.

  5. readers' digest? Wow. Love them! and...i really like the placemats - way cute! (psss...i took the rug back!)

  6. Those placemats are absolutely ADORABLE! :) what a great idea! :)

    - Lauren

  7. I so love these THRIFTY placemats...they would look really good on my farmtable:)


  8. I love these placemats!! I have to get some burlap stat! Janell

  9. Just darling! I especially love "chow" totally appropriate for the boys in my house and how they eat!


  10. I LOVE those. I have extra burlap laying around so I may have to take advantage of nap time!!! Turned out great.

  11. I am loving the placemats. Simple and beautiful!

    Just Simply Live

  12. Hooray!
    I've been away
    from home all day
    and just logged
    on....I'm so very
    very excited, Rene!!
    Those stencils sure
    aren't like the ones
    they used to make : )
    You are right, now
    the pressure is
    certainly on and I
    hope that I can do
    you proud : ) !!
    Thank you!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Love the place
    mats and the books....
    words and books....
    both things I adore.

  13. Love Reader Digest books and I enjoyed the article about how designers use books to decorate. I'll have to buy freezer paper to wrap books now.LOL
    Love your Etsy shop and those placemats are so Pottery Barn! Love them♥

  14. Rene - loving those placemats! And I see you did some redecorating over here while we went skiing this weekend....fab changes. I like the projects on the sidebar.

  15. Rene, The placemats you made are wonderful!! I'm on my way to check out your Etsy.

  16. adorable placemats. Have to get busy when I get moved next month, can't wait.

  17. Oh those are cute! Gosh, I miss going to Scotts. I love the book covers. I never knew they were so pretty!

  18. Very inspiring. Loving those placemats and the colors of the books! Very pretty...they remind me of spring, which I am longing for :)

  19. I love your placemats. Would love to have some just like them.

  20. Those placemats are so great. Simple, but lovely!

  21. i LOVE those placemats! awesome idea from you and your blogger friend!


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