A Beautiful {Low Cost} Apartment

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My blogging friend Kristin recently shared an absolutely gorgeous blog, Dear Lillie.  Like Kristin, I too have fallen in love.  If you haven't seen it, settle yourself down one day when you have nothing to do (because you will get stuck there).  In addition to the stunning photography, and gorgeous decor, I love that most of the decorating is done with budget in mind.

The blog is written by Jennifer and this apartment that I am about to show you belongs to her sister, Dana.  Can I just say that a little fabric and paint goes a long way?  Working with pieces from family members and incorporating a simple color palette, Dana has created quite a lovely space for herself.  (I'm jealous).

Most everything in the apartment either came from someone's garage or
basement, or was purchased for a song.
  The ottoman was covered with an old shower curtain
that could no longer be used.

Apparently talent runs deep in the family because Dana made many
of the accessories herself.
  Many of the pillows are made from sheets.
The rosette balls are made from foam balls and Duponi silk.

This dresser was in Jennifer and Dana's parent's barn and
was given a fresh coat of black.  It is stunning now.

The mantle was a gift and in my opinion the perfect piece for this space.  Love.

To read more about Dana's lovely apartment go here.  Thank you Jennifer for letting me share your beautiful blog today!


  1. This space is so wonderful! Right up my alley. I see a few similiar pieces. I'm going in for a closer look.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Rene, I found Jennifer's blog a good while back and I knew her when she posted her home before the one she has now on rate my space. Her rooms stayed in the top rated. She certainly has an eye for style. I love looking at pictures of Lillie. That is the most photogenic child. I thought she was around three or four and then found she just turned two! So so cute.

  3. Great inspiration for anyone starting out with little furniture or money. She did an amazing job!

  4. Cute room - I am still using some garagesale repaints from our early marriage. She doesn't realize how far that furniture might take her!

  5. haven't been here in a long while ... lost track of you , but found you this morning!!!

    beautiful post

  6. What a beautiful space! It's constantly amazing to me how much can be done with so little cost. Going there now to see more...

  7. Thanks for the introduction, great work, hoping over to see more!

  8. Such a lovely home. Thank you for sharing, Rene.

  9. Beautiful room Rene'...Thank you so much for sharing. It is always so encouraging to see gorgeous rooms done on a budget.

  10. Wow, I can't wait to see the rest of her blog if this gorgeous apartment is anything like the rest of what she posts!

    Thanks for the link.

    Kat :)

  11. Oooh, I always love finding new blogs to snoop around!!

    Thanks, Rene. I hope you had a gorgeous New Year celebration.


  12. I love realistic, beautiful design! This is such an awesome apartment!

  13. agreed.
    such a beautiful transformation of her space!

  14. I love Dear Lillie! I, too, discovered her just a short while ago and did not get off her blog until I read every post and eyeballed every picture....such gorgeousness! I think Jen is going to be very successful in the blogging world.


  15. gorgeous!!! i love the mix of shabby chic with modern- it creates balance and perfection!

  16. Great place! I was never that inventive while renting my apartments, always too scared of committing to decor in a non permanent space. Now I wish I had thought differently!

  17. Thanks everybody! Yes, Judy, I think Jennifer is already successful with her blog and her etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/dearlillie/.

    I agree Shannon, these ideas would have been a huge help back when I had my first apartment and the decor was, don't judge, mauve and powder blue. Ew. A basic color combo like gray, black, and white never goes out of style.


  18. Dang why did I buy that bathroom rug??? I could have just weaved one if I was as talented like Dana. That is some mad talent and I can either blog, do arts and crafts, laundry, be sarcastic with my husband but not all of the above because I don't have the time.

  19. That apartment is fabulous! I love classic black and white. I'm so impressed with the budget they worked with! It looks chic, classy and elegant. I love the ottoman upholstered in the shower curtain. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog, Rene.

  20. Oh how beautiful!!! I just love it! She has great style!

  21. thanks so much. I always loving finding new places to visit.

  22. Oh my. Beauty! Thank you for the introductions! ;)

    And I'm late, but Happy New Year, Rene!


  23. Thanks for the heads up, Rene. She did a wonderful job!! I'm off to check her out!

  24. Beautiful! She is so talented and has just amazing style. I am off to go check out more!

  25. Thank you so much for featuring Dana's apartment! You are so sweet and I know she was so excited!

  26. I just love posts like this one. Style doesn't have to be expensive and what an inventive apartment interior. So inspiring.

  27. LOVE this! You've got lots of fun things on your blog girl ~ I'm hooked! Thanks for stopping by mine for a visit the other day!


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