How to Make a Fresh Boxwood Wreath

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

 Thank you Mom for convincing me to keep our boxwood shrubs 13 years ago when I was young and foolish and wanted to get rid of them, because I love them now. Every year, I make a boxwood wreath for our front door.  I use the same $5 wreath form year after year.  Here is what I do (and by the way, you can do this with most evergreens).  Take enough cuttings to get started.  I wanted a tighter wreath so my cuttings are around 6".

 This is the form that I use and you can get these at any craft store.  This one measures 18" across.
 You will also need a wire paddle.

 This is really technical :) Grab a handful of cuttings and begin wrapping the wire around it securing it to the wreath form.  Be sure to affix one end of the wire to the form so that it doesn't slip.

 I usually wrap the wire around each new section twice.  Does this make sense?
 Continue adding more sections of boxwood to cover the secured wire, pulling the wire tightly as you go.
My camera battery was just about to die so the pictures are getting blurry.


  1. Turned out great! I love your wreath.

  2. I love boxwood wreaths. I wish I had a shrub or two to clip from now. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me today.

  3. Many Thanks for this! I have lots of Boxwood and I have a lot of Holly too that I might try and incorporate. I'll be shopping for a form and some wire later today!

  4. I love fresh boxwood. Your wreath is beautiful!

  5. Very NICE...I love our boxwoods too, but think they might be at the end of their life...but plan on replacing...just for christmas season!

  6. Okay, I'm impressed! It never occurred to me to actually make a wreath, have always shopped for them to decorate. I love this!

  7. I agree with Janell. I always buy them and at $40 each, they are a bit pricey. Must try this - thanks!

  8. Beautiful! I am going to try this with cedar, because I don't have a boxwood here
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love this! So creative. I keep seeing all of these homemade wreaths out there- I am so impressed. This is way cuter than anything you'd find at Hobby Lobby or Target :) Great job!

  10. I love those wreaths, and I was wondering how you made them! Thank you so much! I will be making one soon. :)

  11. Great tutorial! It looks so fresh and pretty! I love boxwood!

  12. Very, very pretty! Our boxwoods are still small so I will have to wait a few more seasons before I can make one! Nicely done! :-)


  13. I love it! I've been wanting to get some kind of evergreen wreath for our front door, but haven't. We have huge boxwoods in our yard. Thanks for the great idea! I hope that I can find time this year to do this. If not, then definitely next year!

  14. Oh, I love it! I bought some boxwood the other day (wish I had it in the yard) and was thinking of embellishing a wreath with it, but it looks so good on its own too. Great job.

  15. Once again, thank you Rene! I've never made my own wreath but after seeing your tutorial, I think I might be brave and try it. Love the shiny leaves of boxwoods - you ARE lucky your mom convinced you to keep them!

  16. ok. . . it's so pretty. I love the "technical" directions! Since our tree is not real {shhh. . don't tell} I need some fresh wreaths around here. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. Beautiful. I might need to run out and get myself a form.

  18. that is so beautiful. thank you so much for sharing how you made it! my mom has boxwoods and would love this i am sure.

  19. We just planted over twenty boxwood! I LOVe boxwood wreaths but never see them for sale here. You've inspired me to make my own! Yours is beautiful - and your boxwood look so green and healthy (ours went through a rough patch this fall).
    Happy holidays!
    x Trina

  20. LOVE boxwood wreaths!!! Wonderful tutorial!!

  21. How perfect for using up clippings!!

    It turned out beautifully - though I guess you are a bit of a pro if you've had the boxwoods for that long!

    I'd love to see you at my Wreath Party on Friday if you have a moment on Friday. Thanks for even thinking of it!


  22. It turned out great! Nice job. And I love that you reuse the same form year after year!

  23. So pretty! I wish I had boxwoods, I think I would have those wreaths up year round!

  24. What a great tutorial, Rene. My neighbor has boxwoods. Maybe I can use some of her trimmings and make a wreath for her and also myself. Your wreath is lovely.

  25. OOOH, I love live greenery, and this is especially gorgeous.

  26. Hi Rene! Gosh, I
    sure got behind with
    all the party doings
    around here! LOVED
    the posts with your
    Christmas trees {those
    pups....oh my!} and
    your wreath is JUST
    my style. I love
    simple boxwood wreaths
    but you have to sell
    your first born to have
    one here, they are so
    costly. Boxwood grows
    very ssslllooowwwlllyyy
    in Northern climes, so
    count yourself lucky
    {and thank your very
    wise mama}!! Hope your
    week is off to a very
    merry start. Thanks for
    stopping by earlier ~ I
    always LOVE hearing from
    you! {Hey, maybe I'm
    more like 15 then I realized!}
    xx Suzanne

  27. It's so pretty. We don't have a boxwood but after seeing this I wish we did.

  28. These are so gorgeous...I've seen them and always wanted to make one! Thanks for showing us how! ♥

  29. I am fortunate and have close to 20 boxwoods in my yard - large ones! Boxwoods and magnolia make up most of my holiday decorating/greenery. I use boxwood IN my wreaths - but you have convinced me to use only boxwoods for a change! Thanks Rene!

  30. love your wreath. wonderful! lovely greetings from Bulgaria

  31. I love boxwood-it smells wonderful and stays fresh forever! We have boxwood in Southampton--I must give this a try!

  32. Hi! I love boxwood year 'round! You have inspired me to make my own wreath. Did you do anything to the clippings before attaching? I have read some people "condition" them before making. What was your process after clipping? Thanks so much! Meagan

  33. Meagan, in the winter I sometimes soak the cuttings overnight and sometimes don't. For summer use I would definitely soak the stems in a bucket of water. If you find a good way to preserve the foliage let me know. (I have read about glycerin which is very expensive, but can be bought in bulk online.) Also, it is recommended that you mist with water to maintain freshness.

  34. This looks simple enough to make - how long will these wreaths typically last? I want to make a couple of wreaths for a wedding in mid-August.

  35. Fantastic instructions; I'm so happy I found your blog!I posted a link to your "how-to" in my latest post.



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