D.C. 3-Day Re-Cap Slideshow

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow.  Where to begin.  To say last weekend was amazing is an understatement.  It was a weekend filled with so many moments that I can't even begin to put it all in writing.

Even though the walk itself was challenging, there was inspiration around every corner.  Families came out to cheer us on as did girl scout troops, cheerleaders, employees, restaurant patrons, fire departments, and survivors.  There were children holding signs that said thank you for helping my mommy.  The weekend was filled with equal parts of tears and laughter and I could not have been surrounded by better people.

After three days of walking, the event concluded with a ceremony on the monument lawn.  The survivors are wearing pink shirts and the rest of us are wearing white.  As tradition has it, the survivors enter the ceremony and the walkers raise a shoe.  As a side note, the sea of pink raised 5.3 million in the D.C. walk.  

Because there are so many pictures, I created a sideshow.  I hope you like it.

In the slide show you will see:
  • A man who carried a sign every step of the way in memory of his mother
  • Brother's in tu-tus volunteering for their mother who is a stage 4 survivor
  • A group photo with Leonard Pitts (one of the girls in our group reads his column religiously)
  • An 80+ year old man "Blista Mista"walking for his daughter
  • Mothers reuniting with their children
  • Countless volunteers who blew my mind with their enthusiasm and kindness
  • Ginormous pink bra via Georgetown Cupcake
  • Port-a-johns :)
  • Lots of pink

My team mate, Susan has written a very nice re-cap on her blog if you would like to read more about the weekend.


    1. everyone in those photographs is a hero. thanks for posting that rene, and congrats to you for doing it. you all should be so proud!

    2. What a beautiful slideshow to commemorate such a great event...it brought tears to my eyes! My mother in law is a breast cancer survivor and so is one of my best friends!

      Kat :)

    3. Wow Rene, I have goose bumps! --Gretchen O.

    4. Rene, that was great. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I have heard from others that is an experience like on other.

    5. Rene...that was a beautiful slideshow. It literally brought me to tears. Way to go.

    6. Very moving and touching slideshow, Rene. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It brought tears to my eyes as well You all did an amazing thing. Thank you!

    7. I am so honored to have walked with you and all the Walkie Ta-Ta Talkies and shared in this wonderful event. I saw firsthand how moving the whole experience but your slideshow brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for capturing our weekend in such a beautiful way!

    8. Rene, this is just beautiful and I think you did a perfect job capturing the weekend. I loved walking (eating, sleeping, stretching, etc.) with you! I may link it on my blog if that is OK with you.

    9. Very moving and beautiful. I love these women's spunk! Thank you for posting this slideshow and a little glimpse into "The Walk"for us to see. Lord Bless them all.

    10. Incredible! Incredible! I got teary-eyed just reading the bullet points. So proud of you ... and what a beautiful slideshow.

    11. Tears, here.
      Your words and
      your slide show
      were so very very
      inspiring ~
      Imagine if we
      could harness that
      kind of goodness
      all the time, what
      wonders would occur
      in this world. YOU
      showed how dedication
      to a cause CAN make
      a difference and I
      can't thank you
      enough, on behalf of
      so many that I've known
      personally who have been
      touched by this beastly
      disease. Big hugs
      {and foot rubs!} to
      you today!!
      xx Suzanne

    12. PS: I'm with your
      friend ~ love Leonard
      Pitts!!! xx S.

    13. that was very touching. thanks for sharing! high five to you!

    14. Very moving, Rene! Congrats to you, your team and all who participated in this awesome cause!

    15. Very moving...thanks so much for sharing!

    16. Your slideshow is fantastic. I have tears in my eyes. We are so lucky to have the lives we have and so many people only wish they could take one step in a healthy person's shoes. Thank you for all that you do:)

      Amy R.

    17. I am at a loss for words! That was just the most incredible thing and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us, they were so inspiring! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking and helping to fight this! Congrats to the Walkie Ta-Tas Talkies!!!

    18. Rene, you rock for participating in this event and using your blog to raise awareness about breast cancer. The slideshow is so uplifting! - it's amazing to see all those women (and men) come together for this cause. And I love the humor that is part of the day...like your photo of the guy with the shirt that says "Boobies make me smile"!

    19. Thanks so much ladies for all of your kind words. Lisa, I'm glad you pointed out the little "funnies" because before the event, I may have found something like that offensive, but this walk really changed my perspective. Yes, love the funnies. "Save second base", "I love boobs", "yes these are fake because my real ones tried to kill me", love 'em all.

    20. That was beautiful. I am totally all teared up and emotional now. I've lost my Aunt who struggled 18 years with Breast Cancer and I just want to say thanks to all her participated and thank you for this touching slideshow.
      PS... I have to know, who sang that song? I'm searching ITunes for it but can't find it..

      Jennifer :)

    21. Hi Jennifer. I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt, but for her to fight breast cancer for 18 years is truly inspiring.
      I'm with you, love the song and hadn't heard it until yesterday. The song I originally wanted to use wasn't approved by youtube so I went with their "I feel Lucky" feature until I found the right song. So glad you liked it.

      Artist: Nina Storey, Hope



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