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Thursday, September 9, 2010

     My friend Emily is hosting a little coffee get together on her blog now through September 17th.  While I have a bazillion things that I really need to be doing today, I didn't want to miss the party.

    Emily wants to know:  
    What kind of statement does your coffee table make?  Do you use something besides an actual table?  How is it styled?

    If you follow my blog, then you know that the cottage and vine coffee table is up in the air right now, but like I said before, I don't want to miss the party so here goes.

    Because comfort is key in our home, we must have a place to prop our feet.  Ottomans work best for us.  This is an ottoman that I found here for a great price thinking that I would one day recover it.  Trays are a must if you use an ottoman as a coffee table - for drinks, books, and flowers.

    For more coffee table inspiration or to join the party go here.


    1. Lovely! I neeeeeeed that gold crab. :-)

    2. Love the tray, so pretty and functinal. I agree, that crab is very cool!

    3. I do love the tray on ottoman, and still think you should stick with the zebra;) just added mine to the party (eventhough I should be having a laundry party right now!)much more fun. And I love the new pic that pops up in your profile! Great to put a face with the name. --Gretchen O.

    4. agree with abby - want that gold crab. My coffee table needs a medic. It's this beautiful shellac'd table that has been trashed...

    5. Thanks for sharing. I am going to post mine tomorrow when I blog about my new coffee table.

    6. I still love the zebra print! ;) The tray is so cute, I love using an ottoman as a table!

    7. Ha! I like your ottoman too! I was thinking how similar our styles are...the more we see of each other's homes...

    8. Ilove the zebra, sassy and so attention grabbing!

    9. love the look fof the group, and the contents. great advice and tips.

    10. Nice! My coffee table is all black and distressed and because I decoupaged a copy of an old walking map of Paris on top. It's "styled" with a simple 3 wick yummy smelling candle I burn everyday evening that is nested in a wooden bowl with feet and surrounded by my goofy collection of heart shaped shells and rocks. Sounds weird. Guess I should take a pic of it and join the party. It's kind of a make do that I love, that coffee table of mine.
      Yours is soooo chic!


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