White Floors Day 2... I'm Tired

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement on the floor project.  It really helps to hear from people who have done this themselves and are happy with the results.  Our little finished attic is becoming brighter one day at a time.
(The rooms will look similar to this, dark furniture on white floors)

Something that I haven't told you is that Mr. and I joined a new gym this week.  The 5:30 am workouts followed by a run, floor painting, grocery shopping, Bobby Flay shrimp and grits, and lawn mowing is beginning to slow this 20 something *wink* down.

8 hours after applying the second coat today, I applied  this.

     I found it at Lowes and was told that this would give the floor the protection it needs.  After each application dries, I sand with 220 grit, clean dust, then re-apply, 4 coats total.  So far, the rooms are in excellent condition, but I have decided to delay painting the landing which has a newer finish and requires different preparation.  At this point, I just want to be finished.  Maybe after school starts I will revisit the area.

    Points of interest:
    • Read labels.  For example, polyurethane will bubble if you shake the can.  The label recommends using a stick to stir it before using.  Also, use the proper applicator.  Mom used a roller to apply poly on her floors only to come back later to find the finish full of air bubbles.  Trust me, no one wants to do this twice.  The directions are there, use them.
    • Avoid touching the surface with your skin.   This may sound like strange advice, but skin has oil and moisture that can create a barrier between the surface and the finish. Ask me how I know.

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      Images: My Home Ideas


        1. I know they will look fabulous, bubbles and all! ;-)

        2. Your getting closer!! It is a big job and very tiring by itself and then when you add 'life' to the mix! Ugh! Good for you for joining a gym and getting up at 5:30! I wish I could...but..well... ;)
          Can't wait to see the final reveal!!
          Have a great day!

        3. Wow Rene, you should be exhausted. I am tired just reading what you are doing. Working out and running and painting, and.... I don't blame you I would wait to do the landing later, too. Work out for me too while you are at it.

        4. Rene,
          You are superwoman. And so brave. I read you first white floor post and was hanging on every word. The floors look fabulous! And now another floor. My, My, My! You do have an eye for beauty and great projects! I have a floor I would love to do over!

          Are you any good a ripping down wallpaper? Want to join me?

        5. You will be so happy with the finished result, I'm sure. Can't wait to see. And, I'm most impressed by your early morning workouts!

        6. I think the floors will be gorgeous! I would love to have painted floors somewhere in my house. The only room I could do it in would be the kitchen. I wonder if one could paint ceramic tile??? Thanks forthe inspiration!

        7. Rene, you got so much done quick, great job. I can only imagine what I could do if I had a whole entire day to myself. Can't wait to see the end result.

        8. Floors look great! I am impressed, as always. Also, after my workouts can I come for Shrimp and Grits? ;)

        9. I'm sure all of the hard work will be worth it when you have glossy white floors. Can't wait to see if you like the end results!

        10. Now Rene!
          I KNOW you want your readers to pop over here and chat about PAINTED FLOORS!
          I do KNOW that's the TOPIC at hand!
          And I do KNOW you would love me to tell you that I have PAINTED all the floors in our home and to HANG IN THERE...the LOOK...will be soooo....worth it!
          I just KNOW you want me to talk about FLOORS!
          But all I have to say is this:
          YOU WENT TO THE GYM AT 5:30?!!!?!!!!
          I am so impressed!
          Oh...and then went for a RUN!
          You are WONDER woman! ;o)

        11. I am so excited to see the rooms! Good tips. I usually read directions after I have a problem.;)...Not a good idea.

          Way to go on the gym workouts. I am tired just hearing about your day!

        12. Wow. I think you deserve to take a break today. Find a nice cozy spot with a good book and a long nap in the afternoon. Once the work is over you will absolutely love and enjoy the beautiful floors. I was very impressed with the pictures you showed us yesterday. Looking Great!

        13. I guess you are tired! I get up at 5:30 everyday to get ready for work. There's NO WAY I could do it to go to the gym. I'm seriously envious of your dedication! Thanks for visiting my blog!

        14. You have been one busy girl! It will all be so worth your hard work - the beautiful floors and healthy body!

        15. wow! i can't wait for the reveal!! if it makes you feel any better, i have been up at 5:30 am every day this week teaching classes at the gym... tomorrow, too, then saturday up at 5 am so i can drive to alexandria and be there fro 7 am for a fitness convention. i am going to be some kind of sore come sunday. so you ar enot alone in your pain! ;)

        16. The floors are going to be fabulous! I painted floors in our home in Michigan and LOVED how they turned out!
          Who knew we were the same age ;)The difference is that I'm not getting up before the birds to greet the day ~ you go girl!


        17. I'm so impressed! And thankful for the resources. If I ever decide to paint my wood floors I am coming here first for advice/tips!


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