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Monday, August 2, 2010

     Hi everybody!  I hope that you all had a great weekend!  Mr. and I are back from a wonderful weekend in Williamsburg and now the boys are spending a week with their grandparents.  Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments about my guest post over at Emily's blog.  Also, thank you the front door love.  Because we have been away, I haven't been able to respond to everyone yet, but slowly I will.
    Knowing how much we all love to see interiors, I thought you might enjoy seeing the place where we stayed over the weekend.  The rental is located at The Kingsmill Resort and is owned by my in-laws who graciously allowed us to stay there during the busy summer season.  
    I could get used to having the turn down service and chocolates every night.
     This is the master bath.
    The second bathroom.

    Over the weekend, we went to Busch Gardens where I learned that I don't enjoy roller coasters as much as I use to.  The first ride we rode was the Loch Ness Monster.  It was ok until we went inside a tunnel where irrational fears set in.  I swore if I got out of there I would never go back, but sure enough, I was swindled into riding it again.  The second time we entered the tunnel, I closed my eyes as tightly as possible and counted to 45 before we once again emerged from darkness.  The next ride we rode was the Griffon (and please use your best French accent when pronouncing).  If you want to know what it feels like to fall out of an airplane, ride this roller coaster.  Yowza.  Needless too say, I didn't ride it twice, one time, I'm good, thanks.  The third and final ride, and I do mean FINAL ride, was the Alpengeist.  And just so you know, my new name for it is the vomitgeist.  I was a fool to think that the most challenging rides were behind me at this point.  Without even sizing it up, we got in line.  Because it was still early and we could choose any seat, this time we chose the the very back.  Big mistake.  Have you ever seen someone in an amusement park hunched over getting sick?  That was me Saturday.  That's right.  In the azalea bush.  Classy huh?

    Today is the first day that I actually feel normal.  Perhaps I have vertigo to look forward to as I age.

    No, I am off to Lowes to pick up paint for the floors in the boys' rooms.  I'll keep you posted...


    1. Welcome back. The blue flowers in that first photo.
      The Alpengeist had my husband yacking in the bushes too a couple of years ago. It about ruined him for the day. I knew better than to try it myself. Yes, our roller coaster days are behind us too.

    2. Oh Lisa, I have never felt so awful. To make it worse, I didn't want to cause the rest of the family to have a bad time. Honestly, the Alpengeist got to all us, not just me. YUCK.


    3. Rene, I quit doing coasters many years ago. I think something changes in our heads as we get older. I get too dizzy and sick from that much motion. Have fun on the floors.

    4. Oh Rene I am sorry that you got sick! At least you were brave enough to ride after your fears set in! I haven't ridden on a roller coaster in years and I am not sure what would happen. I do know that I can't go round and round...not good!! I am glad that you are feeling better and I love the room you stayed in! Have fun on the floors, can't wait to see how they turned out!!

    5. my boys left this morning for a week with my parents in GA....

      And, I've done the same thing on roller coasters....I've prayed that if Jesus would just get me off safely, I'd never get back on!!

      :) Have a wonderful week!!!

    6. Good for you for being such a good sport and at least trying. For these very reasons I DON'T DO RIDES :)

      Enjoy a little quiet this week while you have the house to yourself.


    7. You will not find me on any rides anytime soon, I even get strange sensations on some of the stuff at the kid's playground in my hood. Yes, I am up there on the stuff...

      And you now have a week on your own?! Enjoy and looking forward to what you do in the boy's rooms! Janell

    8. The place you stayed looks lovely! I was eying the vanity in the bathroom and noticed a little compartment on the side of it next to the toilet. I've never seen that before. Can you tell me what it held? Since we are doing a bath right now I'm really looking for ideas!

      I can't handle the coasters much anymore either!

    9. The blue flowers?
      I haven't done rides in YEARS..
      those days are well beyond me.. been thee, done that, as a good sport, and a good mom..
      now.. no more..
      enjoy YOUR week..
      doing YOUR fun things...
      warm sandy hugs..

    10. Anita, the little side door pulls down so that you can access the tp inside :).

      Loui, yes they are orchids. Fake ones that look really nice.

      So according to you all, it sounds like I don't have to ride any more roller coasters. Good.


    11. Sounds like a fun weekend away! I haven't been on a roller coaster in years, and feel like my reaction to them might be along the same lines as yours...not so good. ohhh, a whole week without kids. I am sure your will get soooo much accomplished...I am a little bit jealous. Have a great and productive week.


    12. Welcome back, Rene!
      I am laughing, because
      the LAST {and I do mean
      last....as in forever}
      roller coaster I rode
      was the one on top of
      the NY, NY Hotel in Las
      Vegas. Did it for my
      hubby's 40th ~ he LOVES
      roller coasters! At the
      end when you view the pics
      that they take of you
      during the ride, his head
      is thrown back, loving it,
      and all you see is the top
      of my head, as I'm all
      hunched over trying to
      just survive! Hope you
      loved Williamsburg ~ I
      sure do! Almost went to
      Wm & Mary, I loved it so
      much when visiting as a
      teenager. Happy Monday!
      xx Suzanne

    13. Glad you were able to get away. I don't ride roller coasters, too chicken!
      How fun to now have a week to get the floors painted. I would love a full day alone.
      Can't wait to see.

    14. Can't remember if I told you but your front door really was so pretty. Congrats on being featured. So glad you took that plunge.
      Hope your weekend was memorable. Enjoy your week together at home.

    15. What a lovely place to stay. Isn't it wonderful to just have some time to relax and enjoy yourself without doing chores? I'm so glad you were able to get away. As for the ride...I have been laughing and laughing...you tell a wonderful story with lots of humor.
      I'm so sorry you got sick but you tell the story fabulously!!! I haven't been on a roller coaster in years...for the exact same reason! Great Post.

    16. Welcome Back! I don't do roller coasters anymore either. I went with my brother and his three kids a few years ago and I had to do some major deep breathing to keep from being sick while on the ride - they all had a blast of course. I was sick the rest of the day!

    17. Gorgeous pictures! Everything looks so beautiful.

      Also...I don't get along with roller coasters anymore either...and that wasn't always the case! Hope you're getting your balance back!

    18. That place looks fabulous! I would die for a night away with my hubby :-) Just stopping over from Southern Mamas to say hello!

    19. I'm glad you had such a good time. Well, except for getting sick.


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